Integrated Cancer Care

Integrated Cancer Care

Oncology is the department of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and related therapies like chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, and other modalities. At Spandan, our oncologists (cancer specialists) are proficient and experienced in treating different types of cancer.

The integrated cancer care departments that work in close cooperation with several allied departments are:

  • Role of Homoeopathy in Integrated Cancer treatments
  • Medical Oncology – Using chemotherapy as a method to cure cancer
  • Surgical Oncology – Using advanced alternatives for the surgical management of it
  • Radiation Oncology – Using great energy X-Rays to kill cancer cells and shrink tumours

Preventive Measures:

  • Treating Tobacco addictions with Homoeopathy 
  • Integrating Homoeopathy with Traditional Oncological Therapies

It’s now become a reality that tobacco is one of the leading causes of cancer in the world, and various government agencies are trying very hard to put restrictions on it. They are spreading more awareness of the harms it can cause in human life and the damage it’s creating in the environment. There is a lot underneath the carpet in consumptions of tobacco, it’s the lifestyle, the capacity to deal with stress which could be professional, personal, and financial and the state of mind dealing with it. Besides, once they get used to a particular addiction, it becomes slightly more difficult for a patient to quit it. 

At Spandan, we provide a team of professional doctors & therapists who manage stress and withdrawal symptoms by Homoeopathic medicines, thereby help control tobacco-related cravings. This further can undoubtedly make the patient completely free from tobacco addictions and prevent him from catching diseases like cancer.