Eligibility Parameters

We have 3 sections :

  1. Slow Learner and Mild MR Section
  2. Section for Autistic Children and 
  3. NIOS Section

Eligibility in Slow Learner Section : We admit Slow Learners, whose IQ ranges between 70-90 as per standard psychometric tools.   We also admit children with mild MR, whose IQ is between 55 to 70 but they are high functioning.  These cases are strictly taken up after thorough multidisciplinary evaluation.  Parents consent to accept holistic psycho-educational approach as described in Spandan’s conceptual frame work is imperative  before the procedure.  Following is the admission procedure :

  1. STEP  1

Case definition and registration of the case in Holistic Child Care Centre.  This is carried out by team of Homoeopathic Physicians and Consultants.

  1. STEP  2 :  

Relevant evaluation by Medical Consultants

  1. Pediatrician 
  2. Neurologist
  3. Psychologists
  4. Orthopedic Surgeon
  5. Ophthalmologist
  6. Any other  medical Experts relevant to the Case
  1. STEP  3 :

Additional medical evaluation depending on the merit of the case.  

  1. Basic investigations like CBC, ESR, SGPT, fasting, blood sugar, routine urine, routine stool, blood group.
  2. Relevant and necessary Bio-chemical metabolic study like serotonin, Biotinides etc.
  3. If necessary, EEG
  4. Any other radiological investigation 
  5. STEP  4 :
  6. Psychometry Evaluation:  Evaluation of cognitive ability by relevant tools and relevant tests procedures for IQ, SQ, DQ etc.
  7. Whenever applicable LD evaluation by relevant tests, like Woodcock-Johnson etc. 
  8. Autism Evaluation: By CARS, GARS and ATEC
  9. ADHD Evaluation 
  10. Any other tests to judge personality and mood whenever applicable.
  11. STEP  5

Occupational Therapists Evaluation

  1. STEP  6 :

Wherever applicable,  evaluation by other therapists like Speech and Language Expert,  Art Therapists, Music Therapists, Sports teacher etc.

  1.  STEP  7

Educational assessment by Educationists / Special Teachers

  1. STEP  8 :

Evaluation of all the reports by Coordinators and his remarks 

  1. STEP  9 :

 Honorary  Directors’ remarks after studying all the documents

  1. STEP  10 :

Principal / School Administrator’s remarks after studying all the documents

  1. STEP  11

Multidisciplinary penal meeting for the intake of the child with the conclusion and action plan.  

  1. Step  12 :

Discussion with the parents about various logistic implications about school admission and if the child is admitted in this school, their parents’ consent, acceptance of the guidelines, rules and regulations.

  1. STEP  13

Parents are required to submit the following documents for admission in the school :

  1. Certificate from J. J. Hospital for Mental Disability ( Autism / Slow Learner / MR )
  2. 4 Passport-sized Photographs
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Residence Proof
  5. Father’s  Income Certificate
  6. Pan Card copy from parents
  7. If a child was previously attending any school,  its Reports and School Leaving Certificate
  8. Consent Form
  9. STEP  14 :

Parents should pay the fees and collect the relevant literature/material.