Spandan COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Promote Health:

With a holistic approach, Spandan takes care of the entire slum population around the hospital by educating people an how to stay safe & change their lifestyles to remain healthy.

Community Welfare:

Currently, we see many urban slum dwellers & daily wagers undergoing serious problems like malnutrition and mental health problems. To deal with this, Spandan has distributed ration kits to hundreds of slum dwellers of Annabhau Sathenagar and has opened counseling centers.

Medical Assistance:

Distribution of homoeopathic medicines to the patients who call on us for building up immunity. Spandan has continued to provide health care services in spite of the fact that we are in the red zone.

Donate Now:

With your generous support, we can intensify the above-mentioned activities by supporting our staff who are real warriors & by providing drugs and other materials in kind.


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