Conceptual Framework

Swami Vivekanand
Swami Vivekanand-Our Ideal

At Spandan, we strongly believe every child has divine potential & we must strive collectively to bring about the hidden potential of each child. Through a Holistic multidisciplinary approach we strive to achieve this objective.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, German Physician discovered homeopathy in 1796. It is based on a law of similar & strongly believes in the concept of individualization & susceptibility. Homeopathy is holistic science which promotes flow of positive energy for the process of healing. It considers a child’s entire development as well as personality. Hence homeopathy is the main therapeutic modality in the management of a special child. 

JEAN PIAGET’S work is extremely valuable & has shown immense practical application in understanding & improving perceptual difficulty of children. Perception is the cognitive ability to receive and make sense of incoming stimuli. There is a relationship between perception and physical movement. When a child traces a line, he alters the movement and direction of his hand in response to feedback from visual information. He believed that basic skills – eye-hand coordination, temporal-spatial integration and form perception – must be taught in their natural order of development. Children who are weak in this area will demonstrate weakness in buttoning, lacing, cutting, writing & also copying from the blackboard. They will also get confused by shape, size and position of objects. If one needs to correct them, they will need to grasp “motor patterns” not isolated skills – hence they will demand methods of “ACTION LEARNING”.

Thus faulty integration of sensory processes becomes an important factor for causation and maintenance of various learning disorders. These children do present with awkwardness, clumsy behavior and hyperactivity.

Here lies the role of Homoeopathic sciences. Various children prototype – Homoeopathic profiles describe these features. Number of Homoeopathic drugs in the proving have brought out characteristic features which we relate to learning disorders

  • Makes mistakes in writing and speaking
  • Omits final letter or letters of a word when writing (Lac caninum = Hering page 515)
  • Uses wrong syllabus, mixes up letters and syllables or omits parts of words (Hering page 91)
  • While writing transposing letters: China2 Lyc2 (Kent Rep. 67) careful study of these drugs indicate presence of various other coordinates like:
  • Clumsiness, awkward, hyperactivity
  • Bangs head while turning
  • Missing steps
  • Critical interpretation of these patterns bring us to conclude about the syndrome which is similar to dysfunction of sensory processing. We see defects in laterality, direction, spatial orientation etc. You get evidence of various perceptual difficulties.

Integration of sensory processes is crucial for the healthy development of the process of learning. Faulty integration gives rise to a number of anomalies contributing to development of various learning as well as developmental and behavioral disorders. Thus, it is essential to restore correct sensation to deal with these disorders. Our institute skillfully utilizes Homoeopathy, Yoga and Sensory integrative therapy for this purpose. Vibrations are used for healing, vibrations are created to receive pathos and sense of vibration is restored to travel from disorder to order.

This in no way means, everything is carried out by one person or one discipline nor it means everything is done by Homoeopathy. This is truly a multidisciplinary approach, but we need someone to ensure coordination.

Homoeopathic physician’s approach is holistic; hence he is trained to perceive various deeper psychodynamic factors. This permits him to grasp these factors in its extent and depth and deal with them. Thus, he is the proper coordinator who can evolve a holistic approach to deal with these monstrous hydra headed obstacles and facilitate the process of learning so that divine potential of the child is realized and education is received which is nothing else but “manifestations of perfection resident within the individual”.

Yoga is awareness concentration & excellence. Yoga helps a lot in hyperkinetic children to improve their attention. At Spandan we apply YOGA for behavioural modification & to enhance intellectual faculties & growth.

It is a very useful method to link body & mind.

Perceiving child demands observing that infant in the mother’s lap, receiving the first images, which the external world casts upon the dark mirror of his mind. Child walks, talks, and acts with those images at the back. The psychosocial inputs, which the child receives in the early formative years, are crucial for the growth and development of the child. To understand the inner dynamics of the child, it is important to grasp his environment — his school, his parents, etc. For “effective learning” to take place in the child, he needs to receive and assimilate concrete, consistent and balanced inputs. Whenever there is a disorder of learning, one should look back to all these parameters. This will take us to philosophical, psychological, and physiological dimensions of LEARNING. This will allow us to understand dysfunction.

Spandan utilizes various therapies from various experts like sensory integration therapy, Neurological approach, neurodevelopmental therapy, etc. essentially this is a holistic psycho-educational approach that integrates various therapeutic applications with the help of a multi-disciplinary team of psychologist, psychiatrist, paediatrician, Homeopathic doctors. Yoga therapist speech therapist occupational therapist physiotherapist ABA Therapist orthopaedic surgeon, neurologist, plastic surgeon special educators & social workers.

We have named this “SPANDAN’S SYMPHONY”