Welcome to Spandan HospitalAyush Minister Appreciating SpandanOperation Theatre at Spandan

Welcome to Spandan Hospital

Ayush Minister Appreciating Spandan

Operation Theatre at Spandan

Spandan Holistic Mother – and – Child Care Hospital


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Holistic Child Care Centre & Special School

Foundation runs special school for children with developmental disabilities….

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Homoeopathic Institute

Spandan Institute has been working…

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Spandan’s Outreach Projects

M.B. Barvalia Foundation’s…

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Spandan AutismCentre Of Excellence in Rehabilitation and Childcare

Institute is upgraded by Ministry of Ayush-Health as centre of excellence

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  • This young couple Mr and Mrs Ladhha celebrated his son’s birthday by donating chairs and worksheets to all special kids at Spandan Care Hospital.
  • Miss Maharashtra Miss Mahek Punjabi celebrated her birthday at Spandan Care Hospital by donating five wheel chairs to the needy children. Every year on her birthday she visits Spandan Hospital.
  • Spandan's Meeting Discussion on ill effects of exposure of UV Rays
    Spandan’s Meeting Discussion on ill effects of exposure of UV Rays
  • Spandan's Free Childcare Camp for Children with Disability
    Spandan’s Free Childcare Camp for Children with Disability

Spandan Hospital

Spandan Holistic Mother – and – Child Care Hospital

Maternity hospital focuses on Multidimensional Holistic Antenatal and Postnatal Care.   It has state of art operation theater, comprehensive diagnostic services like Pathology , Sonography , X-ray. Hospital has Holistic Multidisciplinary Centre for Disability and Mental Health.Click Here to Know more about Spandan Hospital

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Spandan Holistic Institute of Applied Homoeopathy

Spandan Training Institute


SPANDAN focuses on application of vibrant & holistic Homeopathy in its clinical services. This enables the Institute to provide strong forum for advance learning. We impart basic as well as advanced Homoeopathic training and education to interns, Homoeopathic graduates and post graduates. We conduct research projects, clinical and fundamental

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Understanding Spandan:

M.B.Barvalia Foundation is a public charitable trust established with objectives of promotion of holistic health & value based education by  Dr Praful Barvalia, the founder trustee and Chairman. He established Spandan Holistic Institute with the help of colleagues and family in July 1998. This is a multidisciplinary holistic organization based on sound philosophy as outlined in the conceptual framework  “Spandan’s Symphony: Holistic psychoeducational approach” Spandan focuses on application of vibrant & holistic homeopathy in its clinical services. There is great focus on developmental disability and  Mental Health disorders in children like Autism, ADHD, Conduct, Dyslexia,Slow learner, Cerebral Palsy etc.  Swami Vivekanandan has spoken about divine potential resident in each individual. We must strive to realise it.This is possible if we impart holistic care. Foundation makes humble efforts to translate these concepts in various demanding situations. Application is in the field of health & education. 

Spandan SchoolVisit Spandan…

Visit Spandan: Hospital, School or Medical Centre. Avail its facilities, Sevices. Come as Volunteer, donor, mentor or Student. You may join Spandan to build up your career. Spandan is Yagya, Spandan is movement, for Awareness to Empowerment, for the transformation, for the evolution.  

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Spandan Holistic Mother - and - Child Care Hospital

M.B.Barvalia foundation , Ahead of Deonar Fire Brigade Near Sai Mandir Municipal Colony Deonar Govandi Mumbai-400043 India

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