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Collaboration: Spandan, ORF and SEPCO III

Health Camp for Women from Slums

Appreciation of Spandan’s work in Mental Health

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Multi-specialty hospital dedicated to special children with integrated approach. 

Government recognized special school for children with developmental disabilities, slow learners & autism. Special unit for NIOS.

SPANDAN focuses on application of vibrant & holistic Homoeopathy in its clinical services. This enables the Institute to provide strong forum for advance learning.

  • Vigilant Medical monitoring of mother and fetus through out pregnancy .
  • Health and Hygiene of Mother and baby.
  • Knowledge and supervised training about breast feeding of child.
  • Sound mental health with the help of yoga, meditation and counseling.
  • Awareness about diet and importance of perfect nutrition.
  • Application of physiotherapy in antenatal and postnatal phase.
  • Skillful application of scientific homeopathy for smooth and safe delivery
  • Homoeopathy for  postnatal care of mother and infant
Spandan Holistic Mother - and - Child Care Hospital - Maternity Ward
Operation Theatre Spandan
  • State of Art operation theater with sound central sterile service Department, Recovery rooms
  • Well equipped for regular, gyanec, orthopedic as well as plastic surgery
  • Epoxy with all sound & esthetic interior with central supply  and  security measures with dedicated staff working round the clock.
  • Spandan has experienced and competent Paediatrician, Neonatologist.
  • Well equipped units like Ventilator, Phototherapy unit etc.
  • Implementing Concepts of Kangaroo  Mother Care.
  • Extremely Cost Effective. Only of its kind in entire area.