Multispeciality Charitable Hospital

Well-equipped multi-specialty hospital with modern infrastructure, offering comprehensive integrated services in the M-East ward. Frontline healthcare providers.

Expert Team

Spandan's multi-disciplinary team consists of competent experts and round the clock dynamic services to meet eventualities with a kind supportive staff.

Modern Lab

Apart from Routine biochemistry investigations we conduct specialized Genetics and Metabolic studies in cost effective way.

Developmental Disability

Holistic Multidisciplinary Centre for Disability and Mental Health with applied Homoeopathy. Institute is upgraded by Ministry of Ayush, Government of Indiaas centre of excellencein childcare and rehabilitation.

Spandan Holistic
Multi Speciality Hospital

Under the public-private partnership segment with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, we have built up multi specialty hospital covering various disciplines like General Medicine, General surgery, Neuro physician, neuro surgeon, gynaecology and obstetric gastro physician, gastro surgeon, cardialogist, cardio thoracic surgeon, ENT, pulmonology, opthalmology, rheumatology, hemato onco, orthopaedic, paediatric, nephrologist, urologist , endocrinologist, plastic surgeon, dentist.

Hospital operates through integrated holistic approach. It has

  • Department of Homoeopathy: General OPD, IPD, Research and academics.
  • Department of Yoga and Naturopathy

What sets us apart is that there is no such well equipped Maternity Home and Children’s Hospital in Chembur – Deonar catering multidimensional care. Hospital has a Holistic Multidisciplinary Centre for Disability and Mental Health. The hospital provides an excellent platform for Homoeopathic Education and Research.
Preventive and promotive healthcare, education, and intervention in slum communities through a dynamically integrated outreach program to achieve total health awareness to empowerment is an integral part of the Hospital.


Multi-Speciality Departments

Developmental Disability
& Mental Health

Autism, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, Conduct: This is a unique institute where all work under one roof with a holistic approach through a multidisciplinary team of Homoeopaths, Paediatrician, Neurologist, Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, Clinical Psychologist, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Occupational therapist, Special Educators, Speech therapist, Applied Behaviour Analysis therapist, relationship development intervention expert, Nutrition expert, Physiotherapist, Neurodevelopment therapist, Social workers and Yoga therapist. For medical management, Research-based Homoeopathy is the central therapeutic modality: Pioneering work by Dr Praful Barvalia.


Dedicated Services

Social Initiatives

Spandan COVID-19 Relief Efforts

On the other hand we denounce with righteous indignation

Promote Health

With a holistic approach, Spandan takes care of the entire slum population around the hospital by educating people an how to stay safe & change their lifestyles to remain healthy.

Community Welfare

Currently we see many urban slum dwellers & daily wagers undergoing serious problems like mild aggresion & malnutrition. To deal with this, Spandan has distributed ration kits to 100 of slum dwellers of Satheynagar.

Medical Assistance

Distribution of homoeopathic medicines to the patients who call on us for building up immunity.

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With your generous support we can intensify the above mentioned activities by supporting our staff who are real warriors & by providing drugs and other materials in kind

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