Advance Centre of Autism

Spandan Holistic child care centre has been providing holistic care to a spectrum of childhood disabilities. Right since inception, we have been able to manage many challenging conditions, One such sinister disorder is Autism.

Autism is a disorder characterized by severe and pervasive impairment in several areas of development such as social interaction skills, communication skills and presence of repetitive stereotyped behaviour and lack of flexible imaginations. On set is within first 3 years of life.

Ever since we started our services in 1998, we have witnessed a growing number of children with Autism approaching the centre.

A  child with Autism with extreme restlessness,  violent behavior, no eye contact, no communication, obsessive behaviors & above all no emotional display at around 1 ½  to 3 years of age forms an extremely disturbing and scary picture.

Autistic children are educated using advanced techniques like applied behavior analysis, Parental guidance and counseling are essential.

As a team, we put our heads together, and steadily we could evolve a program that worked wonders in Autism. Results were inspiring and there was an ever-growing demand. This culminated in the establishment of our Advance School for Autism inside a tiny room of our foundation in January 2001. It moved to a larger school in the mainstream school set up in 2002. The innovative team introduced novel ways to train the children. Strategies like Audio-visual room,  Auditory integration, water therapy, etc. emerged with continuous interactions among colleagues.

Scientific integration of Homoeopathy , sensory integration, and special education has helped us modify an autistic child’s life track.

The very fact that we have been able to integrate Autistic children in mainstream/ slow learners school, stands as a testimony. It has also given all of us tremendous hope and direction for the future.

Our Autism Research Centre at Spandan conducts research aimed at improving outcomes and quality of life for children with autism spectrum disorders and their families.

Foundation skillfully integrates holistic research-based homeopathy, sensory integration, applied behavioral analysis, and special educational inputs for Autism.


  • Scientific synthesis of Homoeopathy, sensory
  • Integration based on innovative Holistic psycho
  • Educational approach
  • Highly individualized program
  • Progressive upgradation of high functioning Children in school for slow learners.
  • Regular workshop & meeting for parents.
  • We accept severe cases of children with Autism.
  • Specialized one to one and group teaching
  • Techniques like Sensory integration, Auditory integration, behavior modification to handle the Autistic spectrum

Homeopathy for Autism: Homoeopathy is 200 years old system of medicine discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann a German Physician and is based on the Natural Holistic Form of medicine based on laws nature. Homeopathy takes consideration the person as a whole and the prescription is based on INDIVIDUAL FEATURES. So each child though having the same diagnosis of Autism will need INDIVIDUAL Homeopathic Medicine. And that is how it helps in holistic way improvement is seen at both the levels of physical as well as mental level. Role of Homeopathy in the management of Autism: Homeopathic medicines do not act merely on any one particular organ of an individual but it has a much deeper and central action on psycho neuroendocrinological and psycho immunological axis. Thus it plays a distinct role in reducing or eliminating autistic features

A) Homeopathy works well to correct accentuated state sensitivity bringing about good moderation. In Autism we come across impaired sensory defenses giving rise to severe disturbances of sensitivity.

  • Some children show a marked degree of hypersensitivity to noise, light, touch, etc
  • Some children show an intense inclination for hugging and touching things, while others would be extremely averse to hugging and cuddling.
  • It is marked impairment in the processing of kinesthetic and proprioceptive sensation
  • Homeopathic Materia Medica gives ample evidence of such symptomatology. When skillfully utilized, yields marvelous results

B) Autistic child quite often suffers from acute fears like fear of the dark, gravitational fears ( fear of falling down), etc. homeopathic medicine helps to remove these fears.

C) Homeopathic medicine helps to improve fine motor skills as well as perceptual difficulties.

D) Behavior modification through homeopathic medicine is an age-old, well-documented function of a homeopath. These tiny pills work wonderfully to improve hyperactivity, tamper, tantrums, self-injurious behavior or destructive behavior.

E) It promotes the growth gradient and hence facilitates these processes of development. Thus it has a positive effect even in communication and language.

F) Acts as immunomodulators and promotes the general RESISTANCE POWER of the system.

G) Help in managing underlying neurological, genetic, metabolic problems.

H) DO NOT HAVE any adverse or depressing neuro-physiological side effects.

I) A carefully selected homeopathic medicine brings about a qualitative change in a wide range of the symptoms in children with Autism.

J) It essentially helps to a great extent in behavior modification to reduce child’s hyperirritability, violence, etc

K) It thus prepares the child to receive other necessary experience for learning like integration, special education, etc. homeopathy provides good support and makes the important job of educators and therapists easier in taking the child further up on the curve.

L) Hyperactive children when they grow, develop a number of perceptual difficulties. Defects obstruct the process of learning to bring about varieties of learning disable difficulties. Homeopathic medicines help to correct these errors.

M) A harmonious coordination in a team of doctors, psychologists, educators, the parents is a must in dealing with the spectrum of AUTISM in its entire range and discipline has its own distinct role to play. Synergy results in the best results

N) Since Autism has multiple dimensions, we cant except medicines to give any message but when utilized scientifically it has great potential.

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