Special School in Ghatkopar Mumbai

We are running government recognized Holistic Child Care Centre and Special School in Ghatkopar Mumbai. It has helped hundreds of Special Children and restored smiles on the face of their distressed parents. Our National Trust Registration Number: 60219251230049/MR/CP/AUTISM/MD & Social Welfare Ministry Registration Number: 4/MBA/05-06/958 Dated.22/06/2005.

At Spandan, we realize that each child is unique. We work on the principle of understanding each child’s psychology and learning the mechanism of best unleashing their latent potential. In our organization approaches always integrated taking into account body, mind, and soul. Our team experiments with teaching methods and techniques used all over the world to suit them to our needs. Thus, we can develop the intelligence and thinking capacities of our children. Our students come from all strata of society, including the poorest and most disabled children of society.

School Functioning:

M. B. Barvalia Foundation is a registered public charitable trust established in February 1997 with the objective of promoting holistic health and value-based education. This is a unique centre where we all work under one roof with a holistic approach through a multi-disciplinary team of various experts:

Based on the disability and the capabilities of the children that come across during the Educational Evaluation of the child by our team of professionals, the children are divided into different batches: Sunflower, Rose, Lilly, Tulip or Lotus. We are training our children for Pratham Open School exams. Pratham is the largest NGO working toward quality education for all. In order to help the children appear for the class X exams, they conduct level A (Class 3), level B (Class 4 and 5), and Level C (Class 6 and 7) as a strong foundation.

Other than academics, we teach our student’s pre-vocational skills in order to enable them to be independent, useful members of society.