Celebration & Sports

At our school, we celebrate all festivals, events such as Independence Day, Teacher’s Day and Children’s Day, as well as the birthdays of all children and teachers. This is done to make the children aware of the importance of these days.

For Rakshabandhan, the girls make Rakhis and tie it to the boys’ hands. In return, the boys give gifts to the girls.

There are tremendous benefits to sports. This holds true, especially for special children. Sports help them overcome many of the challenges they face in their daily lives. It improves their fitness levels. Sports help them in improving their balance, posture, coordination, etc. They also enhance the child’s cognitive functions. Participation in sports can really boost a child’s confidence and self-esteem. It eliminates bad behaviors. This, in turn, helps them with their social interactions.

Thus, sports lead to the overall development of the child.

Keeping this in mind, we at Spandan make sports an integral part of the children’s routine in school. Weaving sports into the routine of special children is a challenge in itself. In the case of Autistic children, they may not be comfortable with the movements and the sense of motion while playing. However, we understand that the benefits that sports provide are far higher than the challenges we may face initially while trying to implement a sports program. We encourage our children to participate in both indoor and outdoor sports. We have seen that our children really benefit from these activities.

Thus, every year we have a Sports Day. On this day, all the children participate in various sporting events. They are encouraged by their teachers, parents, and friends. The children feel a sense of achievement and pride when they see that they are being encouraged. At the end of the day, they are given prizes for participating.

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