The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS):

With the vision of Sustainable inclusive learning with universal and flexible access to quality school education and skill development; Government of India has established The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) formerly known as National Open School (NOS). Under this: The Academic Department and the Vocational Education Department can be said to be the two most important departments of the NIOS. These two departments develop education programmes and/or courses to give an opportunity to the learners to pursue the course of learning of their choice. Both the departments collaborate with each other to develop functional and need/based courses to benefit the learners.

Under its “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA)”, the Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has been endeavouring to provide Basic Education to all children, youth and adults in the country. The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) has launched the Open Basic Education (OBE) Programme, as an alternative educational programme, equivalent to the Elementary Education Programme of the formal education system. The OBE Programme explores and makes use of the potentialities of Distance Education Mode (DEM) for reaching the unreached. The Foundation Course of NIOS has been subsumed into the Open Basic Education 9OBE) Programme. There is a provision of a separate OBE programme for children and adults. Some significant highlights of OBE programme areas follows:

  • The clientele for Open Basic Education (OBE) programme is:
    • Children below 14 years of age
    • Adults above 14 years of age
  • The OBE Programme is offered at three levels:
    • OBE level A : equivalent to class I-III
    • OBE level B : equivalent to class IV-V
    • OBE level C : equivalent to class VI-VIII

How do we prepare our special children for the NIOS:

After proper assessment and evaluation, the students who are found to be educable/ academically capable are trained to pursue NIOS 10th. Curriculum. Those amongst them who are found capable of pursuing higher education, are further trained to enrol for  NIOS 12th. Board exams.

In order to prepare them for  NIOS 10TH, they are made to follow and appear for Pratham Open School Board Exams.


PRATHAM with a vision of ‘ Every Child in School and Learning Well ‘ was established in 1994 with an aim to provide quality education to children. Since it’s inception, Pratham has grown both in scope and geographical dimensions. Today Pratham runs it’s educational interventions in 29 States in our country, reaching out to children from the urban and rural areas.

The NIOS Board introduced the OBE Program as an alternative educational program, equivalent to the Elementary Education Program of the formal education system. Their purpose to initiate this program was to support children and adults to provide them with an opportunity to equal and approachable learning.

Pratham Mumbai Education initiative has been registered with the National Open Schooling NIOS, Delhi under the Open Basic Education program (OBE ) since the year 2002 with the registration number no. OB1100502. They are an empowered organization by the NIOS Board to carry out the academic and administrative functions of the OBE program throughout the country.

PRATHAM is beneficial to Children with Special Needs.


Child must be at least 8 years of age. There is no upper age limit.


  • On registration, their team provides orientation and training on the program and the content.
  • Pratham has developed content- textbooks and worksheets based on the curriculum, training on the same is given.
  • Candidates registered can purchase the content after registration.


In order to provide an inclusive platform for education, Pratham has designed a program including special adaptations to the content for Children with Special needs. Concessions and considerations on assessments and procedures are also provided as per the need of the child. They aim to provide a holistic accessible platform for children with special needs.


OBE program is offered at three levels-

LEVEL A – equivalent to Std.III of the formal school system

LEVEL B-   equivalent to Std.V of the formal school system

LEVEL C –  equivalent to Std.VIII of the formal school system.

CURRICULUM designed by the Pratham  Board are as per the NCERT guidelines are shared by the NIOS Board.

LEVEL A – Subjects- written

  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Environmental Sciences- History, Geography, Civics, Science.

Skill Based Assessment: Singing, Dance, Drawing, Handicrafts, Story-telling etc.

  • There is additional project work in Environmental Sciences on the subject area.
  • Internal Assessments are done all 3 subjects.

LEVEL B –Subjects- written

  • First Language
  • Second Language ( exempted for Children with Special Needs )
  • Mathematics
  • EVS I- General Science
  • EVS II- Social Studies

Skill Based Assessment: Singing, Dance, Drawing, Handicrafts, Story-telling etc.

LEVEL C – Subjects-written

  • First Language
  • Second Language ( Exemption for Children with special needs )
  • Mathematics/ Optional Mathematics
  • General Science/ Health and Nutrition
  • Social Science
  • Foundation Course ( any one of Home Management, Business Studies, Sociology, Economics)
  • Vocational Course ( Any one of Computer Skill, Tailoring, Beautician, Cookery and Bakery )


  • Additional 20 minutes for every one hour.
  • Use a calculator.
  • Based on the disability and submission of requisite documents as per State and Central guidelines, children are given concessions.

Successful candidates are given a joint certificate from the PRATHAM OPEN SCHOOL and NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF OPEN SCHOOL.


As per the capacity and requirement of the child, he/she is allowed to prepare for NIOS 10TH. on completion of  Level A or on completion of LEVEL A and B.

Eg: Mansi Dixit passed LEVEL A Exam and directly appeared for  NIOS 10th.

      Kedar Tirawdekar passed Level A and B and then appeared for NIOS 10TH.

      Dhruvi Parekh who had studied in a regular school up to Std.VIII was considered capable on evaluation to directly appear for NIOS 10TH.


  • Language- English
  • Home Science
  • Indian Culture and Heritage
  • Data Entry
  • Painting ( Kedar, Dhruvi)/ Economics ( Mansi )
  • There are many other optional subjects to select from.

Students who have passed Std.10th and are found capable of pursuing Std. 12th. are enrolled/prepared for the same.




  • Language-English
  • Home Science
  • Geography
  • Data Entry
  • Painting
  • There are many other options to select from.

They have to submit Tutor Marked Assignment in each subject ( Std.10 and 12). Practical and Theory exams are held as per the NIOS Board Regulations.

Students are prepared for the above Board Exams through Individualised Education Programme and Remedial sessions.

Our STD.10TH AND 12TH.students also have to do the Basic Computer Skills Course and MS-CIT EXAMS  to further prepare them for getting adequate job placements.

Prepared by: AJANTA IYER

                         Senior Special Educator.

                         Spandan Special School.