Teaching Methodology

A very systematic, pre-decided, and the well-defined procedure is followed. It initiated the following process, reconstructing the child’s profile. Appropriate targets are set and some of them are expected to be realized within a stipulated time.

Assessment and Evaluation:

AimsAreasTesting Scale
Make a baseline and determine an action plan for a structured curriculum. Motor and sensoryAll the nationally recognized testing scales
Make the subject less difficult to teach.Intellectual 
Modify instructional programs as and when needed.Psychosomatic 
Evolve an appropriately structured curriculum.Behavior disorder 
Appropriate placementPerception 
 Communication ability 


  1. Develop an ability to translate information verbally and in writing; judgmental ability; grasping power.
  2. Comprehension, learning through a blackboard and the three R’s
  3. Behavior correction.
  4. Psychosomatic stability.
  5. Syllabus designed according to the child’s needs – NOS, functional education, vocational training.
  6. Set achievable goals.
  7. For Autism, the emphasis s on language and communication development; behavior, and SI corrections.
Classroom PlanningTeaching Methods Therapy
IEP basedCharts Sensory Integration
Flexible groupingFlashCardsOccupation Therapy
 Field VisitsSports
 Regular units tests & exams Music Therapy
 Teaching aidsDancing
  Water Therapy


For this, the dynamism of students, family, and teachers is of utmost importance. Corrective measures, if necessary, are taken.

StudentFamily Teacher
Overall personality Parental acceptance Motivation
Moral values Expectations from child &   school Planning ability in classroom   configuration
Adjustment in class and with peers Understanding Practically of the prescribed   syllabus
Self-esteem Cooperation Ability to adhere to school philosophy.
Optimum attainability of the goal within a prescribed timeframe Family Constellation Ability to work in accordance   with the well-defined methodology and well-prescribed curriculum
  Educational background Ability to work within the timeframe set for the target   goal
  Financial background 

The school takes pride in accepting the challenges of the severest cases of autism, unlike other centers. On 3rd Dec for the World Disability Day, our students from the Autism School participated in the ‘Dignity Walk’ conducted at Powai along with people of all ages, groups, and from every walk of life, including students from other special and mainstream schools. Six-year-old Master Stalin also covered the 2.5 km distance cheerfully.

  • Our students always steal the hearts of general people when they perform in cultural programs organized by other institutions.
  • All the festivals are celebrated with fervent enthusiasm.
  • The School holds in-service lectures regularly for the staff to update them with the latest techniques followed the world over.

Parents are encouraged to become active participating partners in their child’s development process. Regular meetings and workshops are organized.

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