From the Chairman’s Desk

On behalf of the staff and doctors, I would like to welcome you to our Spandan family. Our life-affirming journey began in 1992, when I started with the child care activities with four children in one part of the waiting gall of my consulting room.

Purpose drives excellence. And when a combination of talented people gets together, united in that purpose and fuelled by passion, they can truly move mountains. Such interactions with Neurologists, Orthopedic surgeons, occupational therapists, improved not only our knowledge base but also brought about a great sense of fellowship which contributed to bringing about a cohesive team.

In 1998, Spandan Holistic Child Care Centre was born; indeed, the journey has been long and full of insightful challenges and learnings that have given us vast experience along the way. 

Dr. Praful Barvalia
(Founder & Hon. Director – Spandan)

We have accomplished unprecedented success in handling hundreds and thousands of ordinary, rare, and high-risk admissions over the last three decades and more. In the initial 3 years only, there was a tremendous spurt in the number of patients who called on us from diverse socio-economic and geographic areas.

Touched by the plight of autistic children, the team decided to take up the challenging task of building up a centre for Autism, to provide everything under one roof — Holistic Child Care Centre & Special School. Though the roof was made up of elastic & asbestos, the determination was iron-hard!

With the growing needs of our in-patients due to space constraints, we embarked upon an expansion plan to the municipal school in spacious rooms with pleasant ambience. The team was enhanced by various seniors joining the institute. Various agencies of the state like MDACS, BMC, AYUSH, not only recognized us by merit but actively collaborated & supported our projects. 

Staying committed to this ambitious goal for more than thirty years, I can say I feel immensely satisfied by how Spandan has evolved from a child care centre, to begin with, added neonatal care to it’s set up twenty years down the line, and expanded further to incorporate a maternity center six years thence, to become a full-fledged Mother-Child hospital at Deonar. Indeed, Homoeopathy has proved itself not only as an immune modulator but also as a great soothing agent for emotionally torn individuals. 

Senior occupational therapist & special educator, Shri Dilip Kurani was a helpful guide while Dr.Ashish Mehta was a wonderful service oriented Neurosurgeon who played an excellent role as a neurologist for our project. Simultaneously, the Homoeopathic front also took up this novel challenge and prepared themselves to improve their knowledge base by proper CME. Dr. Amit Daftary, Dr. Piyush Oza, took forward positions.

Spandan Holistic Mother-and-Child Care Hospital has multiple dimensions as it will be able to meet the growing needs of children in a holistic way. We aim to cover the entire range from Neonates to adolescents. It will also establish a state of the integrated art institute for people with Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndicate, Autism, and Mental Health Dysfunction.

In fact, in Autism, we are equipped with vibrant experiences, and we have rehabilitated several Autistic children in mainstream school. Spandan Homoeopathic Institute — Well equipped with rich experience of handling more than 100 autistic children and a dedicated, competent team, advanced infrastructure will give tremendous momentum to the operation: Holistic healing!

We have seen how, in this sinister disorder, Autism, there is a fatal impact on imaginations & affections of a tender, innocent child. We are highly resolved and motivated to advance our setup and services further and are working steadfastly to introducing superior facilities for advanced care in gynecology, oncology, and IVF very soon. 

Committed to delivering the future of healthcare for a better future of generations of women and children, I am more than inspired to say that Spandan Holistic Mother-and-Child Care Hospital shall continue to work towards being India’s leading super-specialty center. We are enthusiastic about our vision in maintaining our hospital as a trusted leader in providing high-quality healthcare with a reputation for patient care, performance, and sustained growth.

On behalf of the entire team, I thank you for your interest in Spandan Holistic Mother-and-Child Care Hospital and for taking the time to learn about us. I extend my sincere best wishes to you for good health now and well into the future! As you explore our website, please feel free to write to us with questions, comments, or suggestions.

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