Fundamental Research

The intense ultrashort laser beam, after propagation through a transparent medium (water in this work), experiences self-focusing, thereby increasing the intensities in localized areas to such high values so as to induce nonlinear optical effects like the generation of white light super-continuum and multi-photon absorption. These non-linear effects are dependent on the optical properties of water which in turn depend on the physical properties of water. We have carried out experiments for measuring super-continuum generation in water that contains ultra dilute solutes (of ethanol). It is observed that different dilutes (solutes) result in different physical properties in the water, which in turn results in varying refractive indices of water, resulting in varying quantities of white light generation. Our observations of a generation of supercontinuum spectra in various solutes indicate that our measurements are able to make a distinction between normal water and water mixed with such ultra-dilute solutes i.e. Homoeopathic medicines.

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