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Over the years, we realized that there is a great need for a full-fledged hospital dedicated to mother and children  which can provide holistic multidisciplinary care in a cost-effective way. Under public-private partnership segment the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, we have built up  comprehensive mother & child Care complex comprising  of Maternity services, NICU & Operation Theater. The hospital is dedicated to underprivileged people, especially children, who are physically and mentally challenged.

Maternity hospital focuses on Multi Dimensional holistic antenatal care (Link). It has state of art operation theater, comprehensive diagnostic services like Pathology , Sonography , X-ray. Hospital has Holistic Multidisciplinary Centre for Disability and Mental Health.

Hospital provides great platform for Homoeopathic education and Research. Spandan Holistic Institute of Applied Homeopathy has conducted clinical & fundamental research projects. It is being upgraded as  Centre of Excellence in child care and rehabilitation by Ayush, Ministry of Health, Government of India.

Preventive and promotive healthcare, education and intervention in slum communities through a dynamically integrated outreach program to achieve total health awareness to empowerment is an integral part of the Hospital.

We have competent experts and round the clock dynamic services to meet eventualities.

Program Objectives

  • provide quality ante-natal, intra-natal and post-natal services to all women from all strata of the society. Holistic Antenatal care including Homoeopathic treatment, counseling & yoga as well as sessions for Breastfeeding training etc.
  • To provide quality care and treatment to all the children with developmental disability and mental health problems right from birth till 18 years of age under one roof
  • To act as referral mother and child care hospital for all patients referred by different organizations or doctors.
  • To provide Homoeopathic care in the management of disorders of children and women
  • To function as referral center for quality management of autistic children
  • To provide state of art surgical unit for children with neuromuscular disorders
  • To provide physiotherapy and rehabilitative services to children with disability
  • To provide special barrier-free arrangements suitable for treatment of mentally challenged persons with autism, cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Multiple Disabilities and Mental Illness.
  • To Create awareness among would-be Parents for adopting preventive measures to reduce the possibility of births of challenged children
  • Research based scientific application of various medical science like Medical, Surgical, Homeopathy, therapy oriented etc. to achieve maximum benefit in a child through synergistic effects
  • To provide facility for investigations and counseling of genetic disorders
  • To reduce Infant mortality and infant Morbidity in the M ward of Mumbai Municipal Corporation

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