Spandan’s Community Work in Sathenagar, M-East ward, and MCGM:

M. B. Barvalia Foundation’s SPANDAN institution has been working for urban slums for the last 22 years & we have conducted health camps periodically in such deserving areas. Under the guidance of Dr. Praful Barvalia and Shri Sudheendra Kulkarni, various activities have been carried out in Sathenagar.

Sathenagar is an urban slum in Deonar constitutes approximately 200000 (Two Lakhs) population, is one of the most deprived slum areas with poverty and adverse socio-economic issues. People here mostly belong to the Scheduled casts, Matang & Nav Bauddh community.  There are severe economic problems and rampant addictions.  Domestic quarrels, violence, abuse, are very common.

Due to the dense population in the constricted area, there are many issues of poor hygiene, lack of proper drainage of sewage water, lack of good quality drinking water, etc. leading to health hazards.  Many teenagers can be observed playing cards in gambling dens. Even school going children gamble while playing marble games. Addiction/substance abuse is another major problem.

Spandan has focused on health care, sanitation, and deaddiction in this area.

Spandan team carried out a survey of 7 chawls of Sathenagar to identify the prevalence of various socio-economic as well as health issues of Sathenagar, In This survey, the team found a High prevalence of poor sanitation, Non-availability of toilet facility, Poor hygiene, Alcohol, and other addictions, recurrent respiratory and skin problems with poor maternal nutrition during pregnancy, etc.

Spandan held various community activities towards empowerment of the population of the Sathenagar area. Under ‘Training program for community health worker’ Spandan Team took three workshops for Community health workers on Topics of 1) Swine flu under the guidance of Dr.Kamaxi Bhate, Dr. Chaya Laddha explained about H1N1 strain and preventive methods, 2) Waterborne diseases BY  Dr.Praful Barvalia, Dr.Chhaya enlightened community leaders on the need of boiling and treating water in prevention. 3) On  Dr. Amrita Bhosle Talked on Malaria and it’s prevention.

Spandan undertook Community Campaign On ‘Awareness on Breastfeeding’ in Sathe Nagar and surrounding area as they are known to have high infant mortality due to bottle feeding. This campaign was carried out between 1st to 7th August under the guidance of Dr.Kamaxi Bhate & Dr.Rekha Udani.

Spandan donated dustbins to residents of 7 chawls of Sathenagar to create awareness about hygiene and cleanliness.

Dr. Bishnu Behra and Mr. Ashok Parkhe of Spandan have been doing good work in Sathenagar.