Physician: Dr. Praful Barvalia & Dr. Piyush Oza

DIAGNOSIS: Moderate Autism with moderate Mental retardation

English rendering of Fathers sharing in Hindi: When Nikita was in Spain, she was not talking at all. If somebody teaches her any word, say hello she will keep repeating the word hello. Once we took her out for diwali function, whomever we met, she would say to them today is diwali – today is Diwali. So she repeated almost 100 times. She would believe that the entire year is diwali. No meaning full talk at all. She was extremely hyperactive. To give you an example of her restlessness, I will share this incident. Once in Spain, she came with me to the shop. On that day, I had no assistant and there were many clients who had come to shop. Within 2 minutes, I do not know till now, how she ran away. I had to leave the shop to get her back. This took 30 minutes. I’m staying in Spain. I had put her in normal school. They taught 3 languages. She did not understand any of the languages .We speak Hindi at home. She was interested in Hindi and music. My wife consulted some people and decided to take her to India, because even after spending 6 years in normal school in spain Nikita did not show any sign of the improvement. School people told me that you can continue in the school but I thought it’s a question of her entire life. So finally I made a decision, let us go to India and let us try. I had gone to Hinduja and other neurologists, but no help. I came to know about Dr. Praful Barvalia and the spandan organization. I consulted him, started his treatment. I decided to stay in India with her, while my wife stayed back in Spain to look after others. Now she is here for more than 2 years. Nikita’s restlessness and mischief has stopped. Now she has become quiet and she does not disturb any one . I travel from Kalyan to Ghatkopar and bring her to Spandan. She is quite cooperative. Earlier while travelling, she used to be extremely restless. She will not allow anyone to sit. she will say get up –get up. This was the situation when she came from spain to India. Now she is so quiet and mature, does not disturb any one, will quietly stand in the compartment and never say get up to any one. These are some plus points. In fact now she has entered social life. She watches television, understands programs, she will properly switch on and off television. She listens to music. She wakes up in the morning in time and she goes to sleep in time. She follows a proper routine. She can clearly say A to Z and 1 to 10. She is much better and I am very happy. She does not scream, she does not yell and she will relate to you properly. I will share a recent experience, we were waiting on the platform for the train. I fell asleep. When the train was coming, a gentleman sitting next to me woke me up. I woke up with anxiety that Nikita might have ran away. But to my utter surprise, she was quietly sitting.