Ajay was brought to Spandan 10 years ago as a school drop-out. He was rejected from many institutes and parents were running from pillars to post in order to enroll their son in a school. Finally, they came to Spandan and Spandan’s special school looked after Ajay well. After 6 years of intensive multidisciplinary inputs, Ajay cleared his S.S.C. through N.I.O.S. and took up a Vocational Course. Today, Ajay is a sports teacher as well as computer teacher, not only at our school, but also at other schools. Ajay prepared a wonderful 6 minutes’ movie about his alma mater. He worked hard day and night for 3 weeks and prepared the movie, displaying the past and present of M.B.Barvalia Founation’s Holistic Child Care Centre and Special School. Everyone was amazed to see the Movie and applauded his efforts. He is a role model for our existing students. He is an example of strength, patience, hard work and faith in oneself.