Nidhi faced severe educational problems in her school. She also had extremely poor self confidence and severe emotional disturbance. She was a highly fearful child who would easily give in to tears. She hardly had any friends in school. Her advocate father and educated sister attempted to help her, but finally she was removed from her school due to repeated failures.

She was referred to our institute for her problem. When she visited our centre with her parents, she witnessed some disabled children in the waiting room. She got terribly scared and ran away from the place. She simply refused to be brought back to the centre. Parents could not find a suitable school for a whole year and she remained at home. After receiving strong references from some acquaintances, they approached us again. She was examined by our panel and was diagnosed as a slow learner. We started with homoeopathic treatment and counseling. She was admitted to our special school for slow learners. We also worked to build her personality and self esteem. Gradually, she started improving in all aspects. She confidently performed on stage in front of an audience of 500 people. An emotional father who could never have imagined such a day in his daughter’s life was in tears.

Nidhi also showed a lot of progress in her education. She has appeared for her SSC through NIOS and has passed out with flying colours. Nidhi today is not only a better student but a more mature, confident and emotionally stronger person.