Physician: Dr. Praful Barvalia | Special Educator: Mrs. Sudha Shetty & Deepa

DIAGNOSIS: Severe autism with moderate mental retardation

Mother’s Speech:

“There were constant fights in the house because of this child many times. I thought why I did give birth to this child? Good thing we did was, I came to India & I came to this school. Inputs Stalin received in this school helped him immensely. His hyperactivity really reduced, he started speaking in 6 months. For 7 year he was not saying anything. 50% Features came to normal in 2 years. “When Stalin was around 2 years old I could find some abnormal behavior in him: like crying without reason, very very hyper, screaming, cranky etc. Since Stalin was not speaking, I went to Doctor to know why he is not talking and why this abnormal behavior which has also come side by side like he was not looking in to eyes & playing with same toy again & again. He was also very very hyperactive.” “we were at Kuwait. My husband worked in the private firm. My elder son went abroad for higher studies. I was not happy with whatever treatment & therapy Stalin was receiving in Kuwait. Hence we decided to come to India for better treatment. My husband stayed back in Kuwait for his work. I came here with my daughter & Stalin.” “I met Dr Praful Barvalia. He was very kind. Initially I was to stay here and then I decided to remain here it’s 7 years now. Now Stalin is much better; he relates well with everyone. This school has given me a lot of things. Homeopathic treatment has helped him a lot. Sometime back sad event happened & Stalin lost his father. This had deep impact on him, he had withdrawn in shell. I went to Dr. Praful Barvalia. He could understand Stalin’s grief. He counseled all of us on how to deal with it. His wonderful homeopathic medicines brought him out of this painful phase. I am extremely happy with M. B. Barvalia foundation’ s child care centre & spandan hospital. We go regularly to hospital for regular homoeopathic treatment and periodic evaluation.” “I am happy to coordinate between parents & teachers in the school. Based on my experience, I help all the parents to handle their children. This is the only school which gives a lot of importance to parents and involves them in the functioning of the school too.”