Physician: Dr. Praful Barvalia & Dr. Rahul Suryavanshi

DIAGNOSIS: Spastic CP Quadriplegia With Delayed Development

Testimony by parents: English rendering of Parents sharing in Hindi, “When we came to SPANDAN to start Homoeopathic treatment for our son, he was late in all his milestones, we were already going under occupational therapy & speech therapy. In spite of all therapies going on regularly our son was not even able to hold his neck, He constantly requires support, He could not sit on his own, could not stand even with support, there was severe squint in his eyes, he used to constantly drool saliva & we had to wipe it now and then. All his muscles were stiff & hard, due to this movement of hand/legs were improper, even if we tried to make him stand by holding he was unable to stand properly & if we tried to make him walk, he would walk criss crossed what doctors called scissor pattern. He used to suffer from recurrent cold & cough. He was very cranky & irritable. As he could not tell what he wanted he used to pull hair of himself or bystander in frustration. He was very demanding & obstinate for his wants. He was very weak at birth with weight being 1.2 kg & also did not cry at that time, he also had convulsion when he was around 2 & ½ yrs age. At SPANDAN, Dr. Nrupen Bhutkar & Dr.Rahul Suryavanshi sir examined him & asked details about his milestones, his daily activities/habits/nature etc. They then asked us to do psychological evaluation before starting homoeopathy medicine. After the evaluation we met Dr. Praful Barvalia Sir, he also examined our son & started homoeopathic medicine & told us to maintain regular follow ups with Dr.Nrupen & Dr.Rahul sir. We were advised to continue occupational therapy & speech therapy regularly. After a couple of months of start of Homoeopathic treatment, we noticed significant relief in his cold & cough frequency as well as almost 40 % reduction in his anger pattern, he stopped pulling hairs, he also was less obstinate. After 6 month of Hom. Treatment he could speak words though slowly, his head holding became good & could sit with support, Also his saliva drooling reduced as well. He could wipe his saliva & used to ask for a handkerchief. His nature improved & started mixing very well with all family members esp. his grandpa. After a year of homoeopathic treatment, our son is now able to sit on his own, He can walk with support, There is no salivation, His squint has reduced 40 to 50%. He has developed liking for travelling by car, He eats on his own with spoon, As he doesn’t get cranky or irritable our occupation therapist can take longer therapist & we have now started dental treatment for root canal of his carries, we have also started physiotherapy for his hip & knee stiffness on advice of Dr.Rahul & Dr.Nrupen sir. SPANDAN’s Orthopedic surgeon after examining his hip & knees, has told us to carry on with homoeopathy & therapies as he won’t need surgery at present considering his progress. We are very happy to see our child is slowly becoming independent as well as being developed as nice child who can socialize with other kids, can go to garden, & gives flying kisses to known person showing his affection. I sure that with ongoing homoeopathic treatment & guidance at SPANDAN our child will develop new abilities ”