Physician: Dr. Praful Barvalia & Dr. Rahul Suryavanshi
DIAGNOSIS: Autism with Mental Retardation

English rendering of Parents sharing in Marathi “When we first came for treatment of our son ARYAN, he was into himself. He will not answer our call. Or not he would sit at one place. He used to go from here to there. We always had to keep watch. He used to bable the words at random and used to drag us to give him things like cloth toys. He was 3 year old but couldn’t tell about urine and stool . Food items would directly take food or be used to drag us toward food. He was very possessive for his things . Had habit of constantly keeping hands over eyes and covering ears, was afraid of loud noise like whistle, cracker was afraid of height.He used to get angry when not allowed to run in house toy is kept away from him or when forced to stay at one place and then he would hit himself or bite himself in fit of anger. He also had a habit of flapping and rolling his hands, used to rotate things kept around on table, was very restless so we were scared to take him anywhere. He had also the habit of touching private parts, used to scream suddenly, repeating the words when spoken to him without looking at the person. When we visited Spandan, he was evaluated by Clinical psychologist and Homoeopathic Doctors Dr. Nitin, Dr. Nrupen & Dr.Rahul, And all details we told them all details. After evaluation Dr. Nitin & Dr.Rahul guided us about our role during Aryans treatment. Dr. Nrupen told us that his behavioral problems like eye closing, ear covering & touching of private parts are due to sensory processing problems. We were told to regularly give follow up for homoeopathic treatment and start occupational therapy as well as speech therapy. After starting Homoeopathic treatment we saw rapid improvement in his hyperactivity in his fear of noise. Within a six month we could see his eye contact, mixing with others improving and he started responding to people, responding to questions. He became independent for the toilet, his flapping spinning reduced. His anger lessened and self-biting and hitting reduced significantly. Now he is going to regular school. Sits for the studies on his own. answers to teachers more confidently. Mixes well with peers. Has won certificates in drawing competition,coloring also got one medal in fancy dress competition. There has been no violent behavior since last one year. No genital handling for one and a half years. Now our occupational therapist has suggested we stop coming. We feel that without the help of Spandans Doctors we couldn’t have this change.