Physician: Dr Praful Barvalia  |  Special educator: Mrs Sudha Shetty, Deepa

DIAGNOSIS : Severe autism with moderate mental retardation

Mother’s Speech:

 “ Jinay was premature & there was a delay of all his milestones, he never responded when we used to call him by name & never gave an eye to eye contact. He was quite restless & always crying & shrieking. He will go on repeating a meaningless word. He was violent”

“I had lot of difficulties in bringing him.  We had taken him to Ali yavar Jung institute.  Over there they diagnosed him to be suffering from autism spectrum disorder & moderate mental retardation.”

“We were extremely upset. Therapies & whatever other things we could do was not helping. People from Ali Yaver Jung institute referred us to M.B.Barvalia foundation. Within one year, we could see a tremendous change. His speech improved & restlessness reduced by almost 90%, his bladder/bowel control has also improved substantially.”

“Over a period of time, he has become quite comfortable & has been receiving good vocational training.”

“5 years back I lost my husband, the school helped me immensely. In fact, I would say: 

tum hi ho mata, pita tum hi ho, tum hi ho bandhu, sakha tum hi ho !

तुम्ही हो माता, पिता तुम्ही हो, तुमी हो बंधु, सखा तुम्ही हो!

Thank you so much to this institute for making our life comfortable “