Diagnosis: Autism re-evaluation & Mental Retardation

Disability: 75%

Physician: Dr Praful Barvalia

Educator: Mrs Sudha Shetty & Mrs Deepmala Nikam

Jinay had a premature but normal birth to non-consanguineous parents with the delayed developmental milestones being inappropriate. He lived with his parents. There is a family history of mental retardation. The consultation report indicated moderate autism with mild impairment in social adaptive functioning. The major concerns were of being hyperactive, restless, poor attention and concentration and delayed speech. Several tests such as GARS-2, VSMS and CARS helped to identify the presence of autistic behaviour. He had fear of crowded places, engaged in smelling objects and had poor eye contact.

When he joined Spandan during August 2010, Jinay was very restless and fidgety during the testing session. He also showed traits of being non-compliant and rebellious, often injuring others and engaging in self-biting. Under the guidance of Dr. Praful Barvalia and regular homoeopathic medication, He has immensely worked on his hyperactive and impatient behaviour. There has been a significant improvement in his cognitive abilities. Routine therapy and special education have been a key for him to be more tolerable to an auditory stimulus, be patient enough to sit for long in school.

Now he waits for his turn in the classroom. He performs several activities requested by the teachers and parents. The traits of anger, self-biting has reduced to a large extent. He also helps in certain household tasks. He can talk short sentences and relate an experience. He loves interacting with new people and always try hard to help others. As per our latest interaction with Jinay, we found him to be very fond of Bollywood music. He memorizes the songs pretty well and also dances to the tunes. He is also good in arts and crafts.

Few images of drawings and crafts done by Jinay: