Diagnosis: Mild Mental Retardation with Epilepsy

Physician: Dr Praful Barvalia

Educator: Mrs Ratnamala Saboo and Mrs Ajanta IyerKedar Tiravdekar now in his 20s, suffers from mild mental retardation along with epilepsy.
As a child, he achieved his motor milestone on time but not his speech milestone. He suffered from an epileptic attack at the age of 6. He studied in a regular school till 3rd grade. In 2009, he left the school due to repeated failure. It was the same year that his parents enrolled him to the M.B Barvalia Foundation’s Special School for Slow Learners. The foundation also subsidized the school fees considering the poor socio-economic class of his family.

At the time of joining, he lacked confidence and was an extremely shy child. Even though his peer relation was good, he had a hard time communicating. Along with joining the school, he also began his homoeopathic treatment with Spandan Holistic Institute. Within a year, changes were visible with respect to his behaviour and communication. There was also a great improvement in his level of confidence. The school over the years further improved his social presence and his academics. Initially, his speech was unclear, there was a lack of stress and intonation patterns and he had problems articulating but over a period of time, his speech/language also improved substantially.

After two years of basic training in all academic subjects, he successfully passed Pratham level A in April 2012 and within a year completed Pratham level B in April 2013. He further prepared for his NIOS SSC and successfully cleared his board exams in April 2015. He also completed his MSCIT which is a certification in Information Technology with a distinction score of 75%. These achievements were well beyond the expectations of his parents and they were extremely thankful to the Barvalia foundation and Dr Praful Barvalia. They also believe that the successes in their son’s life would never have been possible without the efforts of his teachers Mrs Ajanta Iyer, Mrs Ratnamala Saboo and all the members of the Special School for Slow Learners.  Later, he also cleared his 12th board exams and is currently preparing for an exam which would help him get certified in Tally which would help him land a job in the future.