Diagnosis: Autism & Severe Mental Retardation

Disability: 90%

Physician: Dr. Praful Barvalia

Educator: Mrs Sudha Shetty & Mrs Deepmala Nikam

On 10th Dec 2002, Sakshi was born full-term through normal delivery process to non-consanguineous parents. Sakshi is staying with her maternal grandfather. It was reported that her mother was mentally ill and was on medication. She was also given electroconvulsive therapy for the same. At the age of 18 months, after her maternal grandmother’s death, the family atmosphere changed. It was reported that Sakshi is very restless, and communicates her need non verbally through gestures. And when her demands are not met, she throws temper tantrums. She repeats the word spoken to her. She remains aloof, withdrawn and act standoffish in a group situation.

Sakshi showed severe mental retardation in social functioning. She was dependent on her caregivers, for dressing and cleaning. Her symptoms increased when her aunt stopped her medication due to weight gain along with increased hyperactivity. She found it difficult to overcome simple obstacles. Other problem areas were frequent shaky and swirling movements of hands and body, eating non-food objects occasionally, sensitive for light and auditory sensitivity, assistive ADLs and always avoiding eye contact.

At Spandan, her treatment included SI, vibrating oral motor stimuli, group therapy and physical activities along with homoeopathic medication. She showed extraordinary improvements. Hyper activeness reduced to a larger extent. She started understanding about herself. When she had joined the institute, she barely responded to anything and hardly participated in any activity. But now, she does her job with continuous commands, her sitting tolerance has improved. She can write a bit and can also colour drawings. She is very fond of eating and enjoys music.

Few images of paintings and crafts done by Sakshi: