SALONI was cretin, diagnosed quite early because of a sharp observant mother. At the age of 4, they consulted me. Homoeopathy helped to improve immunity as well as sensitivity. Intensive & timely intervention by O.T. & remedial teacher in the clinic accelerated her mental growth. It is heartening to note that SALONI walked as assistant to special educator in Spandan’s classroom.

The orthopedic surgeon was happy to note an improvement in tone & athetoid component as well as gait in spastic 8 years old Harshad. He had received Homoeopathy for 3 years. Now it was possible for him to undertake surgical intervention followed by Homoeopathy as well as therapy. Multidisciplinary holistic intervention restored smiles on gloomy parents.

Series of such experiences proved beyond doubt the significant contribution Homoeopathy makes when applied to special children. Experiences also demonstrated how crucial is the role of the multidisciplinary approach. The synergy produced is profound & charges direction of life. Today we are glad to mention that Raghav cleared SSC & is doing a vocational course in Automobile. Mother not only dedicated herself for his studies but became a volunteer teacher for all the Raghav’s.

Last but not least important is my childhood experiences. I was in V std & I loved teaching other kids. In my friend circle, Jatin also occupied a distinct role. He had dysmorphic features & all the characteristics of M.R. Parents felt so happy when they found that I am taking Jatin’s care & I am friendly towards him. Gratitude in their eyes made it so embarrassing. What is required is not mere compassion but real vibrations from within with constructive actions.

These experiences helped me to conceive of a system, which can identify these motor patterns and address them with great intensity and force so that this dyscrasia is dealt with in the early phase of life.

Perceiving child demands observing that infant in the mother’s lap, receiving the first images, which the external world casts upon the dark mirror of his mind. Child walks, talks and acts with those images at the back. The psychosocial inputs, which the child receives in the early formative years, are crucial for the growth and development of the child. To understand the inner dynamics of the child, it is important to grasp his environment – his school, his parents etc. For “effective learning” to take place in the child, he needs to receive and assimilate concrete, consistent and balanced inputs. Whenever there is a disorder of learning, one should look back to all these parameters. This will take us to philosophical, psychological and physiological dimensions of LEARNING.

We can perceive the state of the child with respect to following perspectives:

  1. Motor patterns as described earlier.
  2. Sensory patterns: Receiving & processing of sensory inputs: Touch, sound, smell, vision etc: ,<3 Noise, startled from sudden sound, Closes ears – auditory closure etc. e.g. Borax, Stramonium Asarum , theridion.
  3. Sensitivity Patterns