Raghav was a 7 years old child who was extremely hyperactive with poor writing skills. Clinically he was diagnosed as a slow learner.

Behavior improved substantially with Homoeopathic treatment. The perceptual error showed partial relief. My coordination with occupational therapist cum remedial teacher brought out substantial improvement.

Following points can be inferred:

  1. As Raghav grew, stress increased & performance deteriorated. Parents received a repeated thrashing from school. Teachers were briefed about Raghav’s clinical condition as slow learner & ADHD. They would hardly comply. Our presentation to the principal had a temporary effect ….. cease for  6 months. Eventually, Raghav was out of mainstream school. I personally approached the trustee of another school who was a good friend of mine. Teachers co-operated initially, followed by similar encounters. So many Raghav’s were waiting for integrated special help. I strongly felt we need to have such a setup. Homoeopathy in the centre will make such material difference.
  2. Way back in 1992, I decided to give my waiting room & I cabin on Saturday & Sunday for these special kids from the Ghatkopar clinic. The response was heartening but the strong need was felt to have an exclusive set up.