Place: Sathe Nagar, Mankhurd.

Date: 8th May ’18


Deaddiction is a major issue nowadays and therefore major health problems start from the addiction itself. So M.B Barvalia Foundation thought to work on this subject. We took a step forward to spread awareness of addiction and provide one-month free consultation and medicines to those who are suffering from addiction.

So on 8th May’18, Tuesday, we started our survey from Sathe Nagar, an area in Mankhurd. It was door to door survey. We had started our survey from matangrushi chawl accompanied by Dr. Bishno Behra, Prithvi, Ashok, Salim, and me. As it is a deaddiction survey so we started our questionnaire with very basic questions regarding their health issues and other health-related problems. During the survey, I experienced that there is a need to spread more awareness and the consequences of addiction. There is a need to educate people regarding what is hygiene, why is it important to maintain hygiene in their home and other surrounding places.

During the survey what I found that more than 50% of people are addicted to some of the other substances, there was one family where the whole family is addicted to tobacco. There were few people who came up willingly and shared that they want to get rid of this addiction and more than 30% did not want to talk or share their health issues on this subject. During the survey, I saw that in sathe nagar mostly female works. Females sell garlic to earn their livelihood. Women there take scrap material and give garlic in return. Most males are unemployed in sathe nagar. Approximately we surveyed more than 40 families from the area, hope people will turn up with their problems in the hospital.