The colony is named after the wife of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar is an unprivileged slum area just off the Eastern Express Highway at Ghatkopar.  A colony inhabited with about 5 lac people. This area is heavily inhabited by the Dalit Community with other minority communities as well.  A large number of people of the Sikh community also live there for ages who are a significant number of the Taxiwalas. The colony is gradually growing with newer hut coming up under the name of transit camps. The colony may soon be big enough to merge with the Shivaji Nagar Slums in Deonar. A huge statue of Dr. Ambedkar is the main highlight of the place.  This is the chowk which is like the center stage for the people. Most of the people there are wage workers and a few run small businesses. Most of the people are seen chatting at the chowk and whiling their time away.

 The older men and also some women are active in some or the other political party or Sangathan or some yuvak mandals.  The attitude of getting things done by shouting slogans and posing dharnas comes very easily to them.

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