Role of Spandan Holistic Mother and Child Care Hospital in Mental Health and De-addiction

Spandan has been working on Mental Health and Addiction issues in slum areas for a long time.

Urban slum areas like Anna bhau sathe nagar, Zakhir hussain nagar, Lallu bhai park,shivaji nagar etc.

There is a major addiction problem in Anna bhau Sathe nagar, An area in mankhurd. The total population of this area is around 50 thousand. Of which 30%  are addicted to some of the other substances. The commonest are Tobacco, Alcohol, Cannabis.

In the total 30% addicted are 50-60% teenagers, adolescents, young adults.  20-30%youth and middle age, 10-20% old aged, Addiction is prevalent in all strata including women, in the addiction to tobacco in different forms.

The major part of the addicts are teenagers, In this young group of addicts, we find a tendency for various un-civilized activities includes stealing, deceiving, and skips school and college to engage with addiction.

Addiction comes up with a lot of co-morbidity like depression with suicidal tendencies and conduct disorder with or without criminal propensity, This we have found in sathe nagar.

A lot of socio-economical issues complicates and become the maintaining factor for this behavior and vice-versa, This becomes a vicious circle, Reinforce each other.

Therefore there is an urgent need to spread awareness and help people to come out from addiction. So through the campaign, group discussion, and through motivational speeches, we are helping them to get an insight into their problems. This will create awareness for the addicts and non-addicts in the community. Then proper Therapeutic interventions with counseling and psychotherapy and proper follow-ups and tracking the addicts to minimize relapses. We have a doctors team, clinical psychologist, nurses, social workers, and volunteers.

Salient Features:-

Spandan strongly beliefs in community participation, Here we involve youths of sathe nagar as well as various local associations and organizing cultural activities.

After that people started talking about it, People approached us about de-addiction.

Activities held at sathe nagar by spandan hospital.

  1. Identified people who are consuming substances such as alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, marijuana, cough syrups, whitening, etc.
  2. Door to door Survey about De-addiction in sathe nagar.


  1. Created awareness about de-addiction in the community, Educated people about the effect of drugs on mental and physical health, and their long-term effects.
  2. The formed team which included Group leaders, Community Workers, Volunteers, from that Community, and trained them about addiction.
  3. Organized Medical Camp in Community and in spandan, the team included a medical doctor, clinical psychologist, Para-medical staff, and social worker.
  4. Conducted meetings with the parent of addicts along with group leaders, volunteers, social worker, and various NGO
  5. Regular Follow-ups of patients every two weeks for medicines and counseling in hospital.
  6. Motivated patients who have successfully given up addiction to a larger extent by felicitating them with a token of honor and they become a role model for other patients.
  7. Cultural event organized at sathe nagar focusing on addiction and its effect.

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