Title: “Effectiveness of Homeopathic Treatment in Sensory Processing Disorders in Autism, ADHD and Learning Disability”


Investigators: Dr. Praful Barvalia & Dr. Nrupen Bhutkar

Category: Homoeopathic Clinical Research

Abstract: Sensory Processing Disorder is a condition in which the sensory signals received by the central nervous system do not become organized into an appropriate response. This happens in Autism, ADHD, And Learning Disability. Presentation is based on the clinical experiences acquired at Spandan Holistic Multidisciplinary Institute, Mumbai where 234 cases of these disorders were treated with Homoeopathy. Cases were studied through care giver’s sensory profile 2, in autistic children with CARS, ATEC, and AHS. In autistic children, the Sensory index per ATEC recorded 43% change; while compared to six months prior to treatment and the start of treatment the mean change was around 9%. Six months before treatment ATEC was around 70.67 and went up to 73.68. Then our treatment started. After 12 months of homeopathic intervention, it came down to 55.47 and after 18 months 46.41. Thus mean change in ATEC is 27.27 while changes in sensory components were 43%. Homeopathic medicines have a profound impact on sensory issues and bring about its correction-fast. For Homoeopathic anamnesis, the totality of the cases was perceived by taking into account sensory patterns, kinetic state, regressive state, features pertaining to affects and mood, and qualified aspects. SPD is a multi-factorial phenomenon, wherein psychological, psychodynamic factors, mother’s state during pregnancy as well as suppression and vaccination can contribute to the emergence as well as maintenance of the disorder. The reduction of autistic, ADHD, and LD features and rehabilitation in the mainstream society of the child can be achieved through a classical homeopathic approach.

Keywords: sensory pattern, kinetic state, Regression, multi-factorial, Totality, Sensory-Processing-Disorder, Autism, Homoeopathic – approach

PRESENTATION: KEYNOTE SPEAKER – Dr. Praful Barvalia / Preparation Support – Dr. Nrupen Bhutkar

1st Malaysian International Integrative Healthcare Conference (MIIHC) 2017 – Integrated Management of Children with Special Needs, CYBERJAYA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE of MEDICAL SCIENCES (CUCMS), MALAYSIA.