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“My heart leaps when I behold
A rainbow in the sky
So it was when my life began I
So it is now I am a man ….
The child is father of the man”
William Wordsworth.

Small beginning was made in 1992 by starting child care activities with four children in one part of the waiting gall of my consulting room.

Over a period of time, demand for our services increased. Simultaneously, constant co-ordination & consultation with peers of other disciplines enriched the conceptual base. Interactions with Neurologist, Orthopedic surgeon, occupational therapist, not only improved the knowledge base, but also brought about a great sense of fellowship which contributed in bringing about a cohesive team.

In 1998, family provided the roof and holistic child care centre was born. As we engaged with the circumstances, and respond positively to the demand of situation, bountiful nature reciprocates. In initial 3 years only, there was tremendous spurt n number of patients who called on us from diverse socio – economic and geographic areas.

Senior occupational therapist & special educator, Shri Dilip Kurani was helpful guide while Dr.Ashish Mehta, was a wonderful service oriented Neurosurgeon who played an excellent role as neurologist for our project. Simultaneously, Homoeopathic front also took up this novel challenge and prepared themselves to improve their knowledge base by proper CME.

Dr.Amit Daftary, Dr.Piyush Oza, took forward positions.

Moved by the plight of Autistic Children, team decided to take up challenging task of building up a centre for Autism, to provide everything under one roof. Though the roof was made up of elastic & asbestos, determination was iron hard!

Soon, we moved to the municipal school in spacious rooms with pleasant ambience. Team was enriched by various seniors joining the institute.

Holistic multidisciplinary approach did not remain confined to child care alone but application was made in the field of Rheumatology as well as HIV/AIDS. Later is a monstrous illness, a real challenge of the new millennium. Homoeopathy has proved itself not only as an immune modulator but also as a great soothing agent for emotionally torn individuals.

Launching of comprehensive mobile clinic project is an important milestone in the history of Spandan. We came face to face with naked realities which confront our fellow individual residing in slums. Since then our projects have really achieved holistic dimension as doctors, teachers and therapists became grass root workers. Poverty has its own impact in HIV as well as child care. How do we expect a hungry child to learn anything? Nobel laurette Amartya Sen has observed “The world’s largest population of under nourished children is in our country – India.” We have more than 300 million children in the country, figure that exceeds a total population count of most countries in the world. There is largest number of street children – 18million in India. Because of various socio – cultural, economic factors, illiteracy, faculty parenting etc., mental health dysfunction is rampant among children. It is imperative for clinicians and educators to step out from their comfortable four chambers and interact with the child & child’s world through holistic perspective. There is a long story of deprivation, abuse and excesses which has inflicted trauma to the tender psycho.

“ …. Pluck from the memory a rooted sorrow,
Raze out the written troubles of the brain,
And with some sweet oblivious antidote
Cleanse the stuff’d boson of that perilous staff which
Weighs upon the heart….”

We have come so far because of intense dedication of team members of Spandan. Apart from this there is an overwhelming response from community.

Phenomenal growth has been possible because of following factors:

First among them are the clients whom are cater, parents whose children we cater – have become a part of or organization. Next, leaders of the community and fellow NGOs, Rotary club, Lions Club, Mumbadevi Mandir Charities. Such constant collaboration with them had magic impact.

Third, various agencies of the state like MDACS, BMC , AYUSH. They have not only recognized us by merit but actively collaborated & supported our projects. Last but not the least important are our patrons & donors who have always put faith in us and generously donated to move forward our projects.

With all these positive experiences, team is quite enthused now to take up large project of building a comprehensive Mother – Child hospital at Deonar.

Project has multiple dimensions as it will be able to meet growing need of children in a holistic way. Project will cover entire range from Neonates to adolescent. It will also establish state of art integrated institute for spastics, Down syndicate, Autism & mental health dysfunction.

In fact in Autism, we are equipped with very rich experiences and we have rehabilitated number of Autistic children in mainstream school. Well equipped with rich experience of handling more than 100 autistic children and dedicated competent team, advanced infrastructure will give tremendous momentum to the operation: Holistic hearing!

We have seen that how in this sinister disorder autism, there is a fatal impact on imaginations & affections of tender, innocent child. Holistic approach of Spandan is effective in restoring both these components. Smile returns on the distressed parents & what spreads around is simply LOVE, …… An absolutely incessant flow as are beloved Poet Late Shri Harivanshrai Bachan rightly mentions in his madhushala

भावुकता अंगूर लता से खींच कल्पना की हाला
कवी साकी बन कर आया हे लेकर कविता का प्याला
कोई न कण भर खली होगा लाख पिये दो लाख पिये,
पाठक गण हे पिने वाले पुस्तक मेरी मधुशाला

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