National Homeopathic Conference 2017: Hyderabad

Homeopathic Medical Association, of Telangana, organized National Homeopathic Conference in Hyderabad. The theme was New Vistas of Homeopathic Research. Dr. Praful Barvalia was invited as a keynote speaker Focus of his presentation was research-based work in AUTISM and ADHD

Nearly 700 members, (Teachers, Students Of various colleges & Practitioners) from both the Telugu State and many parts of the country, have witnessed: the Evidence-based works of the speaker.

National Homeopathic Conference, 2017, was a very well organized event by the Homeopathic Medical Association Of Telangana (HMAT), Hyderabad.

As per the latest epidemiological Survey, the prevalence of Autism, is 1 in 68 children, in the US according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as per a survey carried out in March 2017. Incidence, in India, has also gone up substantially.  Autism knocks, every physician’s door, hence this topic is of great importance.

With very well documented cases he demonstrated the effectiveness of Homeopathy in the management of Autism and ADHD.

He presented a research analysis of 60 cases of Autism.

He expressed that Homoeopathy has tremendous potential and we must excel in academics, research, and documentation of our work. All like-minded people must collaborate and crystallize the vision of putting HOMOEOPATHY in the mainstream. He thanked HHF for collaborating to organizing this seminar.