Medical Camp in Anna Bhav Sathe Nagar

Place: Mankhurd.

Date: 15th May ’18.


On 15th may 2018, M. B Barvalia Foundation’s Spandan Holistic Hospital has Organized a free medical Campaign in Mantangkrushi Mandir of sathe Nagar. The camp Was basically a general camp but the Intention was to Identify the Addicted people and Mental Health of the people and problems of teenage girls. The Camp Was Started at 11 in the morning and Proceeded till 1:30 pm. There was a total of 34 entries of Patient in Camp. The Camp was taken by Dr. Bishnoo Behera (homeopathy Consultant accompanied by Ashok Pakhre (Social Worker), Prithvi Kulkarni, Salim Khan, and Mubasshira Qureshi. We have provided Free Medical Checkup, Free Medicines, and asked them to visit our Hospital for the next consultation and will also provide one Month free medicines and their card will be made on which they will discount in the future. I saw many Kinds of patients during the campaign. There were few addicted patients to whom the doctor had personally advised visiting the hospital for further counseling and Examination. I found that there were cold and cough, Skin Problems, Body pain, Continuous stomach ache patient’s also. Majorly, all the patients were from low socioeconomic backgrounds.

Report by: Mubasshira Qureshi