Dr. Praful Barvalia was invited as a keynote speaker at homeopathic medical association’s annual conference held on Sunday 10th April 2016 at the School of Pharmacy, London. The Homeopathic Medical Association, established in 1985, represents qualified professional homeopaths and promotes homeopathy and homeopathic education. Balbir Nandra, Parm Randhawa, Hans G Schrauder, Dr. Nikunj Trivedi, Dr. Smita Malhotra are some of the organizers.  Dr. Nikunj Trivedi, Eminent Indian Homeopath from the U.K. coordinated the entire event. Dr. Barvalia  made a presentation on:  1.Homoeopathic management of Autism Spectrum Disorder. 2. Miasmatic classification of Thyroid disorder with Homoeopathic management.  The entire presentation was based on documented cases supported by audio-visuals. In Thyroid disorders, Dr. Barvalia demonstrated how Management of such chronic, autoimmune, psychosomatic diseases demands the comprehensive application of the concepts of miasms and susceptibility. That allows us to select the perfect potency, repetition, and evaluation of the remedy response.  Homeopathic Medical Association of the United Kingdom celebrated our founder’s birthday. Dr. Praful Barvalia, the Keynote speaker, felt honored to cut the cake. Dr. Hans G Schrauder, Dr. Nikunj Trivedi, Smita Malhotra, Param, Dr. Balbir Nandra, Phillipa, Melinda, etc at UCL, School of Pharmacy, London They have appreciated the presentation. Report from HMA mentions: Dr. Praful Barvalia shared his knowledge and experience on ‘Miasmatic Classification of Thyroid Disorder with Homeopathic Management.  He began his lecture by reiterating the importance of Ephorism 3 of Organon of Medicine to remind us of the importance of what is to be cured in each individual case of disease and what is curative in each individual medicine. He explained about Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism, the physiological changes, clinical manifestation, ethology, miasmatic state in each case. He described a few cases to show the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment. In the second session;  Dr. Praful Barvalia spoke on “Homeopathic Management of Autism Spectrum Disorder”. He gave case illustrations of successes supported by videos. He also presented his research on ASD and SPD. Evidence-based work was appreciated well by the audience. Dr. Barvalia acknowledges support from Dr. Nikunj Trivedi, Colin Farley, and Phillipa Fibert. He also appreciated organizers for this honor and opportunity with warm hospitality.

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