Lotus Holistic institute, Abudhabi In Collaboration with Tunisian Society Of Homeopathy organized

The 7th Complementary, Alternative medicine Conference with the theme Homeopathy & Autism on April 02, 2017.

Dr. Praful Barvalia, Founder Chairman, M B Barvalia foundation and Spandan Organizations, Indiaw2 was invited as the keynote speaker.

Objectives of the Conference

Upon completion of the conference, delegates and participants will be able to:

  •  Visualize autism in multidimensional areas of biological, Psychological, Behavioral, and social aspects
  • Describe different approaches to defining, observing, and documenting autistic behavior in UAE children
  • Define new holistic Homeopathic healing intervention in the treatment of this disorder
  • Create awareness about diagnosing autism in early childhood
  • Discuss Preventive aspects of autism in the UAE
  • Explain how clinically significant cases varies in different approaches for clinical intervention

Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, which has an impact on communication, sensory processing, cognition, and behavior of the child is quite a serious disorder. Dr. Praful Barvalia made a presentation based b on the clinical experiences acquired at Spandan Holistic Multidisciplinary Institute, where 123 autistic children were treated. Reduction of autistic features and rehabilitation in the mainstream society of the child can be achieved through the classical homeopathic approach.

The presentation was followed by live questions and answers session. Various members asked valuable questions.

It was a good interactive session.

Dr. Praful Barvalia interacted well with Sanaa Youssef Shaaban, Professor of Pediatrics and Clinical Nutrition, Egypt, Dr. Arjoun EP Hammami Houda, Dr. Alka Barvalia Dr. Ibtissem Hafsa, Dr. Naval Kumar Varma, Dr. Ibrahim, and Dr. Kavita Chandak.