Mood Disorder Research

Homoeopathic intervention in mood disorders: project to identify children with mood disorders studying in school of Ramabai Ambedkar Nagar  Slums. This screening helped in early identification, management and prevention of depression in children. 581 children’s were screened, 53 were found suffering from mood disorder- childhood depression.

Screening and assessment for depression was undertaken in three phases. During phase 1 and 2, 581 school children in the age group of 9-16 years, studying in BMC schools of localities of Mumbai city Ramabai nagar were screened for depression using childhood depression inventory. The study was conducted for a time period of about 3 years.

Out of these 581 children, it was found that 53 children suffered from depression.  These 53 students underwent homoeopathic treatment with timely follow up and review from teachers and parents. Remedies came up with the following themes- conscience, self image, insult/mortification, deprivation/ rejection.

After a period of about 1year 4months, post evaluation of the psychometric testing was done. Changes achieved in the scores are statistically significant and Homoeopathic intervention has definitely helped to bring down depression. (mean changes in CDI score is 17.92 and CDI mean % change is 28% ) ( t = 18.4, p<0.01).