Observer research foundation and M. B. Barvalia foundation conducted a collaborative project on malnutrition to explore the status of malnutrition in Mumbai’s structured and unstructured slums. The objective of the study was to help better targeting the population at the highest risk for impactful nutrition programs. This study makes an attempt to understand urban child undernutrition through a more precise understanding of slums, highlighting a few theses exclusion-promoting barriers affecting children. Hence the cluster chosen for the study are structured slum pocket and an unstructured slum pocket.

While exploring various biological factors behind malnutrition in children, we discovered that a number of children suffer from verities of chronic diseases eventually leads to protein Energy malnutrition. Simple substitution of protein does not help unless we remove underlying constitutional factors responsible for malnutrition. Here we could perceive role of homoeopathic therapeutics. Constitutional homoeopathic medicines were prescribed in these children which eventually raised immunity and corrected malnutrition. Supplements then could work well and could bring out long-lasting relief. Homoeopathic has a distinct role to play in malnutrition.

Malnutrition Project

Malnutrition Incidences

20 %

structured slums out of 100

20 %

Unstructured slums out of 100

20 %

Malnutrition Incidence in slums