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Parents Role in the Management of Disabled Child

Parents forum and parents role in the management of disabled child is crucial. It is quite crucial to handle parents while dealing with children with special needs. Parents may have lots of myths and misconceptions regarding nature and implications of disability.

In spandan we give lot’s of importance to parents infact they are integral part of our institute. Parents – Teachers meetings are regularly organized. Parents also receive good training on care givers manuals guidelines. (Published by Rehabilitation Council of India). Parents forum helps a lot in reducing anxiety of other parents, young parents and new entrants.

Parents may have over expectations regarding outcome of interventions.They may present with lots of anxiety and insecurities regarding prognosis. Marital discord can have serious impact on special child, It is important to deal with parents as a unit.

We ensure parents role in the management of child and their active participation in individualized educational programme of the child (I.E.P).

During vacation when child is away from regular therapy, child tends to deteriorate. Home programme is always given to the parents, we ensure that it should be followed religiously, various applications are available which should be used in mobile or desktop under supervision of parents and caretakers for childs training. Apps can be used to monitor parents involvement as well as guide to parents.

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