Dear all; it gives us immense pleasure to inform you that our hospital, Spandan Holistic Mother-and Childcare Hospital at Govandi Deonar has continued to serve the community in this testing time. Staff is taking all the precautions but not compromising in service. Govandi in M EAST WARD of Mumbai municipality is a hot spot. It has multiple containment areas. Annabhau Sathenagar is located there, 7 minutes’ walking distance from our hospital.  Many people are starving, many children are malnourished because of COVID-19 lockdown.  Ashok is a community worker from the area who is Spandan’s community health volunteer. 75 kits were distributed in one chawl taking care of social distancing and without disturbing others.  Vaishali Paras Kothari donated for this initiative. UPDATE: I will give a small update about the hospital. The disease is spreading fast. Govandi has been declared a hot spot. There might be 30 suspects in the zone. Our hospital is around 20 meters from the containment zone. Still, we are working. Yesterday we had sanitization in the hospital. With your generous support, we can intensify the following activities: 1. Providing health care services to the population 2. Providing Isolation facility for COVID-19 suspects 3. Providing food to isolated patients 4. Proving support to their families 5. Supporting staff who are real warriors 6. Supporting almost 100 families who are malnourished 7. Supporting community health workers 8. Providing immunity promoting Ayush medicines to maximum people Please Note: You can also provide drugs & other materials in kind or you can arrange for food packets.