Autism, ADHD Seminar December 2019

    Spandan Holistic Institute Of Applied Homoepathy & Hahnemannian Homoeo Forum (HHF) Presents Unique Seminar On

    “Advancing Frontiers: Managing Autism and ADHD with Homeopathy”
    14th and 15th December 2019, Mumbai

    2 Days Seminar: Advancing Frontiers in Science of Homoeopathy: Homoeopathic Management of Autism, ADHD & Behavioural Disorders | Holistic Multidisciplinary Approach

    ⦿ Organized by: Spandan Holistic Institute of Applied Homoeopathy and Mumbai and Hahnemannian Homoeo Forum (HHF), Mumbai

    ⦿ Date: 14-15th December 2019 

     ⦿ Time: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM

    ⦿ Venue: Lala Lajpatrai Auditorium, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

    An opportunity to learn, perceive, diagnose and manage Autistic spectrum diseases, ADHD and behavioral disorders in a holistic way through an Integrated Multidisciplinary approach with Homoeopathy from stalwarts and senior Homoeopaths possessing decades of committed and dedicated services in this field.

    It gives us immense pleasure to inform you about the Childcare seminar: The main theme of the Seminar is on the HOMOEOPATHIC MANAGEMENT OF CHILDREN  suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD.  Dr. Praful Barvalia from Spandan & Mike Andrews from the U.K. will make major presentations. 

    There is a phenomenal rise in the prevalence of Autism and ADHD. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) gives an estimate of 1 in 59 children suffering from Autism in the USA. The incidence in India has also gone up substantially.  Autism knocks every physician’s door. Hence we are taking up this seminar.

    Autism is a deep-seated chronic disease. It presents as a spectrum exhibiting a wide range of symptoms. 

    The entire presentation will be supported by well documented illustrative cases:-

    Important Highlights of the workshop:

    🗹 Understanding the evolution of Autism and developmental pattern and its implications.
    🗹 Understanding Autism as a multifactorial phenomenon grasping various etiological and contributory factors.
    🗹 Neurons and Synapses: Understanding the Enigma of Autistic Brain.
    🗹 Studying frequently coming group of medicines in the management of Autism.

    🗹Application of lesser known remedies like Matridonal remedies in the management of Autism.

    🗹 Studying the application of Constitutional, Chronic, Phasic and acute remedies in the management of Autism.
    🗹 Application of repertory in the management of Autism.
    🗹 Understanding dynamic portrait of Remedy.
    🗹 Role of ancillary measures and auxiliary modes in the management – occupational therapy, Speech therapy, role of diet, yoga, etc.
    🗹 Understanding remedy response in autism for an effective second prescription –learning concepts of follow up Management

    🗹 Demonstrating changes in the phases while treating cases of Autism and ADHD. Seeing how resolution takes place by sequential use of indicated homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic medicines improve the state of susceptibility. They also bring about a change in the state of reactivity. When reactivity improves, other characteristics emerge. This leads to the second prescription.

    The seminar will provide an enriching learning experience and professional guidance from various experts: Pediatrician, Neurologist, Special educator, Physiotherapist, Clinical psychologist, and Nutrition experts.

    It will open up broader and newer insights into the scope and treatment methods to enable special children to lead better lives.