Nosodes – Psorinum, Medorrhinum, Tuberculinum, Syphilinum. An Overview With Remedy Relationships.
– Dr. Ameeta Thakkar, B. H. M. S. (Bom.)

The basis of any true Homoeopathic prescribing lies in the concept of individualization and the Law of Similars. The task seems simple, yet complicated. With the increasing number of provings day by day and improvised study of materia medica as well as cases, one often feels the need to find a correlation between various remedies at various levels (mind, general, particulars, miasmatic, etc.). Our masters Boeninghausen, Clarke, Kent, Nash have in their own individual ways presented us with their observations relating to this in their writings. Clarke has mentioned in his preface to the Clinical Repertory, the significance of the relationships amongst remedies. It is worth quoting a few lines from his Preface (pg. IX). It says – “But, quite independently of all known natural relationships – I say `known relationships` because there is nothing really unrelated to anything else. Medicines are interrelated in various ways in their point of therapeutic action. A knowledge of these relationships is all important to those who aim at accurate prescribing.”

Hence, an attempt has been made in this article to chalk out the characteristics and bring together the relationships of these nosodes from various sources and present them here. Before directly going to the topic, one needs to briefly mention how it was attempted, so that one gets an idea prima facie. Further suggestions and constructive criticism are invited.

Search was made through all the books mentioned to find out the characteristics and relationships revised by various authors. They were put down together and from the totality of information, striking symptoms were taken and relationships at the level of mind, generals, miasmatic and striking particulars of nosodes (under consideration) were brought out.

The presentation is such that the remedy under consideration is kept at the centre and its relations dealt at the periphery which begins at the level of miasm on one side and mind and general on other side, followed by the particular/location and then striking peculiarities if so.