Editorial – Drug Dyscrasia.
-Dr. Praful Barvalia

For harmonious functioning of our systems and for the experience of health, psycho-neuro-endocrine axis display a pivotal role. Stress sends ripples through the central system and when we fail to appreciate the meaning of these ripples. Stress localizes in the endocrine gland. The impact is not local but all pervasive. Hahmemannian Homoeopaths screamed centuries back that a disorder is actually not the disease of the gland but a disease of the neuro-endocrine mechanism. Modern advancement in the study of endocrinology has substantiated this concept but modern medicine has miserably failed to integrate the spirit of the concept in therapeutics. As a result what they can offer is simply replacement in deficiency border like Hypothyroidism and suppression or ablation in autoimmune endocrine disorder. In the absence of concrete measures to deal with susceptibility, replacement has limited scope and only ensures lifelong presence of a disease and its manifestations.
Suppression of auto immune endocrinological disorders either by medications or surgery has led to quite deleterious consequences. Our experiences in the thyroid clinic have proved this beyond doubt.

Mrs. MS suffered from hyperthyroidism, which was treated by radioactive iodine. Grave’s disease disappeared and she came down with severe Obsessive Compulsive Neurosis.
Mr. R.V.’s hyperthyroidism was treated in a similar way, he came down with massive endogenous depression.

Ms. R.M. was diagnosed to have adrenogenital syndrome with hirsuitism. She received steroids and prolonged hormone treatment. She came down with paranoid schizophrenia.
All these experiences only emphasize one important point. Holistic treatment has no substitute.

Indiscriminate use of hormone therapy has given rise to another serious problem: Drug Dyscrasia. Contraceptive pills being used freely and for a long period of time has an impact on the mother’s state of susceptibility and tissue reactivity. Accidental pregnancy during such phase and when pills are continued has an effect on the mother as the growing foetus. Empirically given hormone treatment to avoid recurrence of abortion also impact the mother and the foetus.

Medical literature gives so many evidences of adverse impact of such therapeutics.
Evidence of chromosomal disorder in aborted embryos of females who conceived within 3 months of stopping pills.

Breast cancer, cervical dysplasia, Adenocarcinoma are greater in females whose mothers have received hormone treatment during pregnancy. Even male children of such mothers demonstrate abnormalities like small testes, infertility and defective spermatogemsis.

These observations are quite useful to a homoeopathic physican, not to abuse other systems or to be against family planning, but for correct appreciation of drug dyscrasia. This has therapeutic implications. Potentised hormones/gland secretions when used as homoeopathic remedies, will be powerful weapons to deal with this dyscrasias. Thyroidinum and folliculinum need to be studied from that perspective.

Folliculinum is a synthetic form of Oestrogen. Its pathogenesis gives ample evidence of deep effects on Psycho-Neuro-Endocrinal axis. It has rich symptomatology related to menses, pregnancy and menopause. Sepia, Nat mur and Lac can come close to Folliculinum. Scrutiny of clinical experiences of folliculinum from ths standpoint of drug abuse to female abuse will allow us to build up a portrait of this drug.

Modern medicine has also given us lot of investigations which help us get a good insight to intrinsic nature of pathology and also allow us to monitor progress of diseases. What is required is integration of ancient holistic wisdom and modern techniques.

What are the implications for the physican? He has to be holistic in his approach. By utilizing all his knowledge, he has to perceive totality of mind and body; since only the constitutional approach can satisfy the susceptibility and bring about a cure.