Editorial – Chronic Miasms and Gestalt Prescribing
-Dr. Praful Barvalia

The Hahnemannian classification of diseases based on theory of chronic miasms is a major breakthrough towards rational therapeutics.

Introductions of classification have always been an important landmark in the evolutionary history of any science. It has given a great boost to the development of scientific discipline and provided depth and direction.

The studies in the field of vegetable kingdom would have remained chaotic if the Swedish botanist Linnaeus (1707-1878) had not introduced a definite rational classification of vegetable entities. It was French naturalist Cuvier (1769-1832) whose valuable contribution of classification in animal kingdom gave definite direction, depth and order to this scientific discipline. In fact no science can survive without a definite and rational classification of its materials for study.

Introduction of Miasmatic classification diseases becomes the most important milestone not only for Homoeopathic world but the entire medical fraternity. Unfortunately this unique contribution has become most controversial in the Homoeopathic history. It has polarised the Homoeopathic profession. We have Allen, Kent and Robert on one side while Huges, Hering and likes on the other side who have either ignored, misunderstood or misinterpreted this doctrine. The past amply demonstrates that successful practice of Homoeopathic science has been possible only through conscious or unconscious application of miasmatic concepts.

Allen is quite right in putting across that “the character of the miasm yields the character of the disease or the form of the illness.” Thus miasm, “the residual poison” inf act permeates into cell tissues and the spirit of the individual and you see distinct patterns in the evolution of disease, diathesis as well as disposition. A similar study of the remedies would allow us to establish similarity more accurately and at greater depth. This permits us to build a dynamic living portrait of our remedy and ensures its fineness and depth. It enhances our ability to perceive wholly and accurately prescribe on the gestalt. This demands a sound knowledge base with the capacity to correlate facts with concepts, ability for precise interpretation of the artificial and natural drug disease expressions in the light of miasmatic theory…… effective clinico – pathologic – miasmatic correlations, rigorous practice of analysis is crucial to the development of synthetic faculty. Nosodes that have profound impact on reactivity, immunity and sensitivity provide us a good platform to study these dimensions.

The following illustrations from practice will demonstrate these points well: 45 year old Smt. P. K. M. reported with severe menorrhagea. She is quite sensitive, impatient and anxious. She has an extremely dictatorial conservative father-in-law and a submissive family. She came down with renal stones after marriage. When tension piles up she develops essential hypertension. Her desire for having an independent house remains unfulfilled. Her husband comes down with severe depression and anxiety about children’s future remain unsorted. She becomes more touchy, develops fibroadenosis. As daughters enter college her real life situation became complex and her anxiety gets escalated. This resulted in sycotic uterine pathology. Medorrhinum restores the disturbed psyche and damaged tissues.

In a previous issue, we have studied the case of a businessman who demonstrated excessive indulgence, excessive desire, and exuberance with poor execution, commitment and impatience. He wanted fast results and lacked adequate sensitivity towards interpersonal relationship and about his responsibility towards family. This excess is demonstrated at body level in terms of excess of lipids leading to essential Hypertension, oedema and spasms of bronchial muscle giving rise to asthma and chronic balanitis. Life before gonorrhoea gives ample evidence of sycosis and after gonorrhoea, we have exaggerated form of Sycosis. Medorrhinum not only removes the illness but also gives some stability of mind.

The miasmatic concept gives a unique perspective to understand man in his totality. We appreciate his conflict, its consequences and insight for the resolution. Each human being is characterised by a miasmatic modulation through which his individuality is constantly trying to emerge. When the miasmatic obstacle is so great as to deform some area of human self-realization, symptoms are produced which reveal to us the conflict between that which is trying to become realized and the negative influence or obstacle constituted by the miasm. This is why Hahnemann stated that when the illness is vanquished by the vital force, the reasoning power residing in each of us can make full use of its living and healthy instruments to attain the highest aims of its existence (Aphorism -9).