Report on 70th FREE Multidisciplinary Child Care Camp for Children with Disability and Mental health problems

Date: 17th February 2019

Venue: Spandan Holistic Mother – and – Child Care Hospital, Deonar


  1. M.B. Barvalia Foundation, since its establishment, has been catering health services to the community, especially women from low social strata and children with disabilities and mental health problems. On 17th February 2019, M. B. Barvalia Foundation organized 70th FREE Multidisciplinary Child Care Camp at Spandan Holistic Mother and Child Care Hospital, Deonar Municipal Colony, Govandi. 

Event Details

Camp commenced at 9.30 am. with registration procedure after lamp lighting by chief guests & delegates which included Mr. Mahesh Bhai Gandhi (Industrialist and social worker), Yogesh Zaveri (Ex-President Rotary Club Ghatkopar), Mr. Arjun Khandelwal (Co-founder Samanvay Foundation), B. K. Pramilaben, B. K. Dr. Jaiswal and Sandeep Jain (an entrepreneur and a philanthropist).

The child care camp saw a footfall of 98 children suffering from disabilities like Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, ADHD, Slow Learners, Learning Disability, Epilepsy etc. Children patients were screened by Homoeopathic Doctors right after the registration. Further, they were sent to the appropriate consultants and specialists for evaluation. 

Children with behavioral problem & education difficulties were screened & evaluated by clinical psychology team under guidance of Dr. Purnima Thacker and Ms. Geeta Behera.

Psychotherapist Dr. Taral Parekh evaluated the children with their behavioural issues.

Children with physical disabilities were examined by Paediatric Surgeon Dr. Hemangi R. Athawale, Paediatric Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Mudit Shah and appropriate physiotherapy was also provided.

Children with educational difficulties were evaluated by special educators by Mrs. Ajanta Iyer, Mrs. Deepmala Nikam and Mr. Suresh Maruti Narbhat while sensory issues were tackled by occupational therapist.

Ms. Moni Shukla evaluated children with speech difficulty & guided about further treatment.

Dr. Rekha Udani examined infant children & explained importance of nutrition, vaccine to parents. Also guided other children’s, parents for further treatment.

Clinical Psychologist Ms. Anita Chitre accompanied by 6 students from MIT university provided psychological counselling.

At 11.00 am, inauguration of the campaign was done by our chief guest Mr. Maheshbhai Gandhi, an industrialist and a social worker, by lightning the lamp, which was supported by various guests of honour like B. K. Pramilaben, B. K. Dr. Jaiswal, Shree Sandip Jain, Mr. Arjun Khandelwal (Co-founder Samanvay Foundation), Dr. Praful Barvalia (Chairman, Barvalia Foundation & Spandan Institute), Shree Anil Barvalia, Dr. Mrs. Alka Barvalia and other eminent dignitaries. Mr. Gandhi appreciated the foundation’s efforts and the help it provides to the society at large by organizing such camps. He further requested the crowd to continue to support the noble cause. The Chairman of the foundation, Dr. Praful Barvalia informed about the number of children with Autism who have been rehabilitated in mainstream and also felicitated 6 children who cleared SSC in spite of this disability and a past student of Spandan who successfully finished his graduation. He also mentioned about the expansion plan of the organization of setting up a super-specialty operation theatre, neuro muscular rehabilitation center as well as advanced therapy centres like aqua therapy and sensory park for children in 2019.

The team of ‘Doctors for You’ – Ashrandra Kumar, Manisha Mhatre, Usha Rayappa Jananvaru, Rabiya Sayyed, Naina Jadhav, Nikita Kasbe and Sadaf Shaikh, provided malnutrition screening and nutritional counselling. They also advised parents about de worming and soaps and hand washing techniques. 

We joined hands with ALIMCO, a Govt. of India Undertaking organization which works with an objective of benefitting the persons with disability to the maximum extent possible.  The Corporation produces 355 different types of quality aids and appliances required by orthopedically, visually & hearing handicapped. During the camp, 44 children were benefitted by registering with ALIMCO to receive respective mobility aids.

Mr. Suresh from Janta Seva Kendra, Authorised Common Service Centre, also visited the camp and provided his valuable services. He was very enthusiastic with the execution of the camp and also expressed his interest to collaborate with Spandan for upcoming projects.

For the last 20 years, M. B. Barvalia foundation has been servicing the community and conducting free camps for underprivileged people. These camps have brought out a number of special children from slum areas who had never received any kind of intervention or evaluation.

Name of Experts


Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Purnima Thacker

Ms. Geeta Behera

Ms. Anita Chitre along with

    Darshita Salian

        Sanchi Agarwal

        Vaibhavi Bafna

        Rujusmitaa Panicker

        Neha Joshi

        Anagha Kulkarni


Ms. Taral SK Parekh 


Dr. Dharav Shah

Homeopaths – Consultant

Dr. Praful Barvalia

Dr. Alka Barvalia

Dr. Shankar Chawla

Homeopaths – Supervisor

Dr. Chhaya Ladha

Dr. Rahul Suryavanshi

Dr. Bishnoo Behera


Dr. Nrupen S Bhutkar

Dr. Piyush Oza

Dr. Samir Chaukkar


Dr. Madhukar Trivedi

Dr. Prachi Barvalia Mehta

Ophthalmic Surgeon

Dr. Mit Mehta


Dr. Sneha Lade


Dr. Rekha Udani 

Paediatric Surgeon

Dr. Hemangi R Athawale

Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Mudit Shah & colleagues

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Vicky Jain

Special Educator

Mrs. Ajanta Iyer

Mrs. Sudha Shetty 

Mrs. Deepmala Nikam

Mrs. Sujata Shrivastava

Mr. Suresh Maruti Narbat


Care of Dr. Mihir Mehar

Occupational Therapist

Ms. Sangeeta Mayekar

Speech Therapist

Ms. Moni Shukla 

Genetic Expert

Dr. Anjali Sabnis

Yoga Therapist 

Dr. Alka Barvalia


Dr. Hemangi Karmarkar


Mr. Sanjoy Mandal

Mr. Kamlesh Yadav

Mr. Pradeep Pal

Mr. Arvind Pal

Mr. Ram Singh

Doctors For You

Mr. Ashrandra Kumar

Ms. Manisha Mhatre

Ms. Usha Rayappa Jananvaru

Ms. Rabiya Sayyed

Ms. Naina Jadhav

Ms. Nikita Kasbe

Ms. Sadaf Shaikh

Homoeopathic Doctors from YMT Homoeopathic Medical College

Dr. Bhawna Madan

Dr. Varsha Jogdand

Dr. Sharada Bhatt

Dr. Sohail Khan

Dr. Prajot Parmar

Dr. Karan Pawar

Dr. Sneha Lade


Mr. Mayank Lakhotia

Ms. Nidhi Shetty

Volunteers & Resources

Mr. Rahul Jainer

Mr. Dinesh Danani

Mr. Hiten Lathia

Mr. Anil Barvalia

Mrs. Sejal Barvalia

Mr. Kevin Maru

Mr. Karan Barvalia


Dr. Rehmat Khan

Mr. Vilas Pitale

Ms. Shehnaaz Shaikh

Ms. Jyoti Kamble

Mrs. Alka Kamble

Mrs. Manisha Lanjekar

Mrs. Shobha Bhosle

Mrs. Deepali Juvatkar

Mrs. Manisha Bhalerao