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SPANDAN has been working in the field of rehabilitation of Special Children with mental health problems & disability from last 20 years through Holistic Multidisciplinary approach. Homoeopathic medicine plays Major role in rehabilitation of children with Disabilities and Mental health problems.

In Spandan Special School for autism & slow learner children come with various behavioral problems Difficulties  in scholastic area, as well as many problems of muscle co-ordation , fears, sensory issues etc.


With Homoeopathic medicines we could bring about major transformation & improvement in sensory problems like sound sensitivity, touch sicking , mouthing etc. At same time we can see reduction in aggression & violent behavior. Even mannerism & social etiquette learning enhances with Homoepathic medicines. If we study homoeopathic remedies like Borax or Stramonium we can see various pattern of fears which can be treated & child’s socialization improves, confidence for interactions improves. This will bring about major contribution in enhancing child’s ability in scholastic performance through remedial teaching.

Many Children have other co-morbidities like recurrent infections, convulsions. Etc which can be reduced with Homoepathic treatment.


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