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Mrs. Saroja Mani, Mother of Krupakar Mani.

My son Krupakar Mani Kashyap was born in 1987. Right from the beginning, he was very cranky and he used to get frequent attacks of cold and cough.

At the age of 3½ when he was put in Junior K.G. in Pune, I found that his understanding power and pick up was very slow. He was extremely Hyperactive with very poor attention span. I brought this to the knowledge of our family Doctor. She recommended we visit M. B. Barvalia Foundation for opinion stating that Homoeopathy helps a lot for the children for physical and psychological problems. After making thorough analysis Dr P. M. Barvalia and his team explained that he is a slow learner and he also has behavioural problem known as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Within six months of homoeopathic treatment Krupakar’s physical problem of frequent asthmatic attacks and his hyperactivity reduced a lot. He was recommended for occupational therapy. Krupakar was a repeater in I to III std. Inspite of explaining his problems and integrated treatment at the Foundation, the School pressurized us to remove the child from the school. With the help of Dr. Praful Barvalia he got admission in another School in Mumbai. Here we got very good cooperation from the Headmistress and the teachers. He had to discontinue the school after passing VI std., and then we took admission in Barvalia Foundation’s Slow Learner’s School.

I took voluntary retirement from my Bank job in December 2000 and I also joined the foundation as an honorary teacher, teaching Economics for the children.

Many times when we loose our heart, out of frustration and grief, we always got Dr Barvalia supportive hand to us like a friend, philosopher and guide. Krupakar also had 100% hopes in his treatment.

Krupakar has passed S.S.C. in National Institute of Open School (NIOS), New Delhi with 50% with Science, Maths, Economics, Home Science, English and Word processing. Now he has joined SITI, Pune for Diploma in Automobile Engineering Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. He has registered for Higher Secondary from NIOS.

I really thank all teachers, Doctors and therapists who gave their helping hand for upliftment of Krupakar.

I am really thankful and appreciate the work of Barvalia Foundation’s team who always encourage not only children but also parents like us. I am giving my opinion in the capacity of a parent as well as a teacher. I am very happy to announce that our Foundation has produced many successful candidates who had passed S.S.C. Apart from this it has channalised many special children to normal routine school after giving treatment.

Thank you very much for all that you have done for my child.

Neil’s mother :

My son Neil had a lot of problems since childhood. He was tremendously restless and would keep running in the house. He would not look us in the eye when we tried to speak to him neither did he show any interest in any conversation or any type of communication. He would only repeat words that he heard from others or keep on repeating the same word again and again. At times he would have episodes of intense fear. He had such intense fear of noise that he would force us to close all the doors and windows and remain inside the house. We were notable to enroll him in any school. He was diagnosed to be Autistic and we started his therapy, which he received regularly. Even then, to our despair, he did not show significant improvement.

We consulted the doctors at the Spandan and also saw their advance school for Autistic children. We were impressed by their multidisciplinary approach and decided to keep to Neil at his Nani’s (Maternal Grand Mother) place at Ghatkopar in order to enroll him in the school. In the school he received multidisciplinary care. He would stay there 5 days a week and stay with us on the weekends.

Now his hyperactivity has reduced significantly. He has started giving good eye contact when he is spoken to. His speech has improved and his fear of noise has gone down to a great extent. He participated in the school’s annual functions without any problems. With improvement in his condition he was transferred to the school for slow learners and even further we have now been able to integrate him in normal mainstream school. We could have never even dreamt that he would make such a progress. He is still receiving homeopathic medicines and benefiting from them.

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