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Miss ASA

Std: 5th

Class Teacher:  Mrs. Kumodini Kirange

Initially aarti was very restless and talkative in class. she cannot concentrate on any work but now her restlessness has come down. In studies, reading and writing is also good. Initially, in maths she had difficulty in addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Now, she has shown good improvement in studies. Her addition and division concepts are improving but she makes some mistakes in subtraction and multiplication.

Overall, there is good improvement.

Master AP

Std: 7th 1

Class Teacher:  Mr. Dinesh Ankush

His academic performance was good but had behavioral problems. He was very arrogant in nature and short tempered, easily gets indulge in fights in class with other children. He back answers to teachers and disturbed other  students.

After homoeopathic treatment and counseling done there, his anger has reduced and his logical thinking and understanding level has improved. His restlessness has reduced also the arrogance in his speech has come down; he has definitely shown good improvement.

Master ADK:

Class Teacher:  Mrs. Kumodini Kasare

He was a sincere student in his class. he initially had difficulty in reading and writing. His handwriting was good but has difficulty in comprehension. He was regular in class, no restlessness or hyperactivity. After medication, his handwriting had shown improvement and he is understanding the concepts in a much easier way now, his academic performance has also improved.

Master AK

Std: 5th 3    Date- 2/2/10

Class Teacher: Mrs. Sawant

His academic performance was very poor due to his Low IQ level. His behavior was also not appropriate to his age. He failed twice in 5th std, he does not pay attention while the teacher is teaching. He does not give the answers of questions asked. Sits very quiet in class and does not talk or mix with others.

But after treatment and along with that special education and counseling done there, he has shown drastic change. His concentration has improved, confidence level has also improved. But he still faces difficulty in mixing with peers. Academically, he pays attention in class now comprehension level has also shown some improvement, which is evident with his increased interest in studies.

Master AH

Std: 7th 1 BMC 2

Class Teacher: Mr. Dinesh Ankhush

He was good in studies but has lot of behavioral issues. He was very restless and hyperactive in class, he is like a jumping jack will not sit at one place at all. Very irritable in nature, fighting in class. he joined this school one year back, initially when he was new in class he was very good but his behavior has deteriorated since last few months , may be he has some adjustment issues.

Scholastically, he is average student, completes has homework on time but he had behavioral issues. But after homoeopathic medications, he has really shown improvement in hyperactivity. He at least sits at his place while the class is going on. But anger and fidgety is still there.

Miss DVN

Std: 5th 1

Class Teacher : Mrs. Kumodini Kirange

She is a sincere student in class, completes her work on time. She is fearful in nature but now since medication her fears have come down. There is improvement in studies. Handwriting has improved, mathematics has also improved now she can solve maths problems without much difficulty. She has improvement in fluency of reading and comprehension has also improved.

Miss HRS

Std: 5th

Class teacher: Mrs. Kumodini Kirange

This student is little mischievous, she gets angry easily and is bold. She is average in reading and writing but has laziness in reading. There is not much improvement in maths but compared to previous record, there is improvement in studies. Her reading and writing skills have improved . her anger pattern is also came down.

Overall there is lot of improvement in behavior and academics.

Master HA

Std: 5th 3

Class Teacher:  Mrs. Sawant

He was very restless in class. he was inattentive in class, always indulge in fight with other students in class. he does not sit at one place in class, always gets disturb easily and also disturbs other students sitting next to him. He starts with physical fights and abuses other students.

Regarding academics, he was an average in studies, his book was incomplete and he made mistakes in writing and writing.

After treatment his restless has come down. His concentration level has improved and he shown improvement in listening others. The fighting and the rebellious attitude has also came down. Medicines have definitely helped him to overcome his hyperactivity.

Master JB

Std: 6th 1

Class Teacher: Mr.Patankar

Jayesh was very naughty boy, he gave back answer in class, fights with other children always, there is restlessness in his behavior, he was a liar and gave excuses to his teacher and goes out of school. He started fighting and used abusive language in class. he had shabby look, always wear dirty uniform. He sits at last bench and has bossing attitude.

He has shown much improvement. Sits at first bench now and listens carefully taught in the class. takes part in question answering. He raises his queries while in class. helps other children in studies, now his look has also changed. His restlessness have also came down.

Master KAK

Class Teacher: Mrs. Ashwini Kasar

At Emotional and behavioral level: he was extremely fearful; his eyes are always watery, very sensitive in nature easily weeping on admonition also. His fearful nature is now showing improvement in his communication, he was seen sharing his feelings with the other students in class. Homoeopathic remedies have shown improvement in his emotional level.

Scholastic level: the student who used to be always fearful, presently studies on his own, there has been significant improvement in the areas of reading and writing.  Handwriting has become legible; however he makes mistakes while writing answers. Overall, the improvement in his academic performances also reflects his self confidence which was earlier lacking.

Master KSD

Class Teacher: Mrs. Ashwini Kasar

At appearance and behavioral level: initially he appeared to have a ruffled and shabby look, presently he dressed neatly. Earlier he indulges into excessive restless and irrelevant talk, presently the mood has stabilized, and there is no irrelevant talk.  His behavior in class has improved. His restlessness is improved now sits at a place and is attentive in class.

Scholastic level: his reading has improved. His comprehension level has also improved, sentence formation has shown improvement, now while talking also his sentence formation is good with minimal grammatical mistakes. Overall improvement in studies.

Miss LW

Class Teacher:  Kumodini Kasare

She was good in her studies and hardworking. She was good in reading and writing. Her books and homework is always complete. She was not restless as such but always used to stay alone, hardly seen talking with others, a reserved kind of student , this is probably due to some familial issues. She is seen many times talking with self. But now there has been some improvement in her behavior also. Her familial issues have been addressed by the physician, and because of this she seems to be happy now a days and academic performance has improved. She is seen mixing with her friends in class and started making friends rather than sitting alone and eating her tiffin.

Master NJ

Std: 7 -B

Class Teacher: Mr. Dinesh Ankhush

He was very sincere in his work. He has poor eyesight and was using spectacles. Initially he used to get anxious but now his performance level has improved. His behavior in class is improved, His attention span has improved. He concentrates in class, he always helps others in class when they need it. He is sympathetic towards the pain of others. overall there is marked improvement in his behavior and academics.

Miss PK

Std: 5th 1    Date- 23/1/11

Behavior- according to her parents she was very anxious s girl, very calm in nature does not like to mix with other children.

Academic- makes  mistakes in writing but can read properly. she was average in her studies.

Class Teacher: Kumodini Kirange Re: Pooja Kamble After homoeopathic treatment-

Her anxiety level has reduced and now she has made good number of friends. She was given medicines with counseling with the physician there, this has defiantly shown improvement in her activity levels. Handwriting has improved and she had stood among first five in the class which needs to be appreciated.

Miss PW

Class: 5th 2  BMC 2

She was poor in her study, fails in exams.  Made mistakes while in writing and reading, difficulty in comprehension , seems to be mentally retarded. While reading, finger tracing is there also he break each alphabet and than reads, does not understand what is written. Books are always incomplete, does not copy down what is written on blackboard. She was slow in all her activities. She was regular in class but inattentive. She has least interest in sports , extra curricular activities. Mixes only with few girls in class.


She has shown good improvement in her academics. She was taking homoeopathic medicines and also remediation which was given by the physician there, which has improved her performance. She is now trying to understand the concepts on her own. Activity level has also improved. Handwriting has improved with less spelling mistakes. Reading fluency has also improved.

Miss PA

Std: 5th 1 Date- 23/1/10

Class Teacher: Mrs. Kumodini Kirange

Initially she was very fearful and timid girl and had fear of dark. Academic performance was also very low but ater treatment her fears have reduced and she has improvement in studies which is reflected in her results.

Master RB

Std: 5th 1   Date: 12-4-10

Class Teacher:  Mrs. Kumodini Kirange

This student was very mischievious and irresponsible in the beginning of school but now he has started paying attention in class, his sense of responsibility has increased, but still sometimes he is inattentive in class.

Regarding academics, his handwriting has improved; initially he had difficulty in comprehension,  difficulty in understanding the concepts but now his concentration has improved, he has started understanding his responsibilities  and this has improved in his concentration, he reading and writing skills has also improved.

Regarding his behavior, it has also shown much improvement, his restless in class has come down . but his scholastic performance is still low compared to a 5th std, and this is because he has lot of familial issues and poor family support.

Master SM

Std: 5th 3

Class Teacher: Mrs. Sawant

He can write but unable to read properly, difficulty in reading the compound words. Sometimes mischievous but can concentrate in class and very calm in nature.

His behavior has improved. His mischievousness has reduced much and because of this he is focusing more on his studies and with the help of special education and homoeopathic treatment he is able to read with fluency , making least possible mistakes confidently.

Master SRG

Std: 5th 1

Class Teacher: Mrs.Kumodini Kirange

He was very restless, he does not seat at one place will not concentrate in studies. He makes mistakes in reading and writing. He does not complete his work on time. His home work was always incomplete but now he is showing improvement  in reading and writing. His reading fluency has improved and his comprehension level has also shown improvement. In class he will complete his work if he is given attention. He needs constant supervision.

Master SA

Std: 5th 3     

Date: 2/2/10

Class Teacher: Mrs.sawant

His academic performance was very poor due to his low IQ level. Does not pay attention in class, forgetfulness, mischievous. Fights with other students in class, very sensitive in nature. Easily gets hurt and cries, he was very innocent in nature.

 After homoeopathic treatment, his attention span has improved. His reading skills have improved, now he can read words following punctuation. Handwriting has also improved. Spelling mistakes are there but they are very less comparatively.

Overall good improvement.

Miss SHS

Std: 5th 1

Class Teacher: Mrs.Kumodini Kirange

Initially before medications this student was very restles, she was  very talkative and would always disturb others in class and had poor concentration in studies, but now there is an improvement in behavior her talkative nature has reduced restlessness come down. Now, she concentrates more in studies comparatively.

Regarding her academics, initially she had difficulty in understanding the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Now, she can do addition and division without any mistakes, also attempts for subtraction, and multiplication.

Overall there is improvement scholastically.

Master SS

 Std – 6th   Date- 20/3/10

Class Teacher: Mrs.Haladankar

He made mistake while writing, omits words. Handwriting was poor, unable to write by his own. He was very mischievous in class and irregular in school.

After treatment, there has been improvement in his handwriting, he  makes minimal mistakes in writing and spelling. He writes essays given on the topic given to him. His mischievousness has decreased and is regular in class. Overall performance is improved.

Miss SL

Std: 5th 3     Date- 2/2/10

Class Teacher: Mrs. Sawant

Initially she had difficulty in concentration, with inattention in class. She was very restless and would not sit at one place in class. Very mischievous and talkative in class. She is very poor in her studies, faces difficulty in maths and unable to recollect the tables, has problems in multiplication and division also.

After treatment she has shown some improvement, now her attention span has improved, she will sit and complete her work. Her mischievous nature is also reduced. Talkativeness is there but much less comparatively. Mathematics is slightly improved, her problem solving is improved. Overall performance is improved.

Master TVK

Class Teacher: Mrs. Ashwini Kasar

At Emotional and behavioural level: this student was initially very restless in class, it was very difficult to control him in class but his restlessness has reduced.  Earlier he used to refuse to go to school, presently he attends school regularly. Obeys in class, much improvement in behavioral.            

Scholastic performance: presently he listens attentively, finishes school work home work given to him. He has improved in the areas of reading, writing. Overall, the improvement in his academic performances also reflects his self confidence which was earlier lacking. The level of comprehension has improved.

Master VV

Std: 5th 1   Date: 21/1/10

Class Teacher: Kumodini Kirange

Initially he had difficulty in reading and writing, difficulty in concentration in studies. He was very restless in class & also disturbs other students too. Very mischievous boy and irregular in school.

After treatment, his restlessness have come down slightly, his concentration improved & he is solving puzzles and comes regularly to school. His interest in studies have increased. his behavior towards other students in class is also good now. Overall, good improvement.

Miss VBA

Std : 5th

Class Teacher: Kumodini Kirange

Vikshaka was very lazy. she had  a very careless attitude. Does not complete the studies on time. Her home work was always incomplete.  She had difficulty in reading and writing.

After treatment shown tremendous  improvement in her math’s, her reading and writing skills have increased. her behavior has also improved, her mischievous nature is reduced now at least she is trying  to pay attention in class and does not disturb others. She has shown good improvement.

Master VSS

Std: 5th

Class Teacher:  Mrs. Kumodini Kirange

This student was of fearful nature. He is very restless and mischievous in nature. But his restlessness and behavior have reduced. He is now paying attention in class, his restlessness have came down.

Regarding studies, there is much improvement in writing, hand writing was initially not good and not readable at all but now there is improvement in it. Reading fluency also improved, he makes minimal mistakes in writing now. But he always has to be told to study.

Overall, there is good improvement.

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