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Spandan aims to bring about transformation in patients and community through holistic multidisciplinary approach through delivery of excellence. Our Vision is to provide sound platform to under privileged and deprived masses so they can achieve their full potential. It has greater focus on children with disability and mental health issues, institute aims to respectfully rehabilitate them in the mainstream through conducive environment where they can realize their full potential. It aims to bring about reduction in disability parameters.

Preventive and health promotive measures for children can not be realized unless mothers are taken care of. Mother and Child is an inseparable unit.

Spandan Holistic Mother – and – Child Care Hospital aims to bring down :-

  • A drastic reduction in maternal and infant morbidity, mortality and disability.
  • A significant improvement in the health indicators of mothers, infants and children, in the densely-populated slum communities.

To achieve these objectives, we need to have dedicated experts. Hence Spandan aims to establish centers delivering excellence in Clinical Care, Education and research.

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