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M.B. Barvalia Foundation's Spandan Organization

M. B. Barvalia Foundation’s Spandan Holistic Institute is a registered public charitable trust founded by Dr. Praful Barvalia in 1998 with the objective of promoting holistic health and value-based education. This is a multidisciplinary holistic organization based on sound philosophy as outlined in the conceptual framework “Spandan-Symphony: Holistic psychological approach”

We run various medical and Educational projects. The organization has the following units:

Spandan Holistic Mother – and – Child Care Hospital
Spandan Holistic Institute of Applied Homoeopathy
Spandan Holistic Child Care Centre & Special School.
Spandan’s Outreach Projects

We are working in the most neglected area in health care viz. Disability both physical and mental. We are catering to people from the low socioeconomic class. Through our services, we have helped thousands of disabled children and have been able to restore smiles on the face of a number of distressed parents.

We are running a Government-recognized Holistic Child Care Centre and Special School in Ghatkopar. It has helped hundreds of special children and restored smiles on the faces of their distressed parents. Through our out-reach projects in the slums of Mankhurd, Govandi, Deonar and Ramabai Ambedkar Nagar (adjoining the Eastern Express Highway in Sion) and Deonar, we serve the most deprived and neglected sections of Mumbai’s population.

Dr. Praful Barvalia’s clinical experiences of applying scientific Homoeopathy in child care and his harmonious coordination with various experts from multiple disciplines working in the field of developmental disability, Neurology and Mental Health eventually culminated into the Institute.

We operate through Holistic multidisciplinary approach known as SPANDAN’S SYMPHONY

Spandan aims to bring about transformation in patients and the community through a holistic multidisciplinary approach through the delivery of excellence. Vision is to provide a sound platform to underprivileged and deprived masses so they can achieve their full potential.

Association with a well-known journalist, activist and intellectual Shri Sudheendra Kulkarni immensely helped the expansion of the Institute. Support from Philanthropists, Ayush, and corporates contributed to the progress of the trust.

We carry out the research-based intervention of various disciplines like Occupational Therapy, Psychotherapy, Homoeopathy etc. for the total welfare of special children. The success stories of our Centre have been acknowledged and appreciated by the AYUSH Ministry, (Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) which has selected our Institute for upgradation to a CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE. Dynamic integrated approach not only helps to deliver excellence in clinical services but also contributes to providing a platform for education and training for Homoeopaths, pediatricians, psychologists, educators, etc.

Foundation provides a strong forum for advance learning. We impart basic as well as advanced Homoeopathic training and education to interns, Homoeopathic graduates, and postgraduates.

The entire focus is on the applied aspect of Homoeopathic practice where training, education, and research are carried out through a holistic multidisciplinary approach. Management remains purely as per Hahnemannian guidelines, but a multidisciplinary aspect helps to carry out through evaluation in a most scientific way.

We strongly believe in community care, hence OUTREACH is an integral part of our functioning. We have screened over 11,000 students from schools from Urban Slums for the identification of mental health and disability. We have been helping more than 3,300 school children on a regular basis.

We work together with number of organizations , agencies to realise our aims and objectives.

We work in collaborations with various public as well as other Non-Government Organizations or corporates.

Organizations with whom we work in collaboration.

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February 1997 ……………………. Establishment of our trust.

April 1998       ……………………   Trust registration with charity commissioner.

July 1998        …………………….. Inauguration by Hon’ble Minister Shri Prakash Mehta of Holistic Child Care Centre and Special School.

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Ruchi was a sweet child nut quiet impatient and awkward. She had lost total interest in studies because she would fail to copy down from the blackboard. Her writings were atrocious with number of spelling mistakes word. She wrote b instead of d and jumbled up spelling.  Somehow she was promoted in III rd standard, while 4th was now difficult.

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Small beginning was made in 1992 by starting child care activities with four children in one part of the waiting gall of my consulting room. Over a period of time, demand for our services increased. Simultaneously, constant co-ordination & consultation with peers of other disciplines enriched the conceptual base. 

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