Step forward……Spandan’s Deaddiction Project

Nicotine, Stimulants, hallucinogens, inhalants, club drugs designer drugs, addiction and solution

On the Auspicious Independence Day, We have announced

*Certificate Course in Addiction Medicine for Family Physicians*

Comprehensive course giving great insight in to the process of addiction and its multidimensional holistic solution.

Rotary Club of Mumbai Ghatkopar under Rotary Foundation’s Global Grant No.1748107 organises:

15th Certificate Course in Addiction Medicine for Family Physicians

Supporting organisations:

RC Deonar, Spandan Holistic Mother and Child Care Hospital, Muktaa Charitable Foundation, Pune and Department of Psychiatry and deaddiction centre, KEM MUMBAI. 

There would be 7 sessions from 1.30 pm to 5 .30 pm on Every Friday  starting from 31st Aug 2018

*Venue*: Spandan Holistic Mother-and-Child Care Hospital, Near Deonar fire brigade, Deonar municipal colony, Deonar, Govandi west 


Near sai mandir.

Tel no-25506088


*Workshop Timings*

1.30 pm to 2.30 pm Lunch.

2: 30  pm to 5 .30 pm: Speaker sessions and Q & A sessions.

Certificates will be given only to those participants who

1) Attend at least 5 out of 7 sessions and clear the written quiz.   

2) Present 3 Addiction related cases during the training period.

3) Clear written exam with 75% marks.

4) Present 2 cases on addiction 


1) Understanding Addiction: It’s extent, causes  and effects from a GP’s perspective

2) Nicotine Addiction: The King of Addictions

3) Alcohol addiction: How a GP can help?

4 ) Opioid and Cannabis: Understanding world of illicit drugs

5) Stimulants, hallucinogens, inhalants, club drugs designer drugs, etc: Understanding world of illicit drugs

6) Government’s role in drug abuse control- Understand the legal aspect of addiction

7) Learning Brief intervention technique and Motivational interviewing technique for dealing with patients with drug abuse   

8) Substance Abuse and Mental Health: Holistic Perspective: Dr Praful Barvalia and Team


Eminent speakers in the field of Addiction have been part of resource team to conduct the Workshop: 


Dr Shubangi Parkar Ex. Dean KEM Hosp

Dr Harish Shetty, Renowned Psychiatrist Dr Ashish Deshpande, President Of Bombay Psychiatrist Society,

Dr Shilpa Adarkar KEM center for Deaddiction Mumbai,

Dr Kunal Oswal Tobacco specialist: Recovering addicts. 

 Dr Praful Barvalia and spandan Team will take Substance Abuse and Mental Health: Holistic Perspective 

Registration Fees: Only Rs 500/-  for all 7sessions.

*Register before  is 22nd Aug 2018*

Kindly confirm your registrations by sending SMS or WhatsApp with 1)Your name, 2) Cell no 3) Email id on 

Rtn Dr Shankar Chawla

98191 49818

Dr Madhu Oswal